This app shows you the battery charge cycles of your Android mobile with one requirement: that you have Android 14

this app shows you the battery charge cycles of your.webp.webp.webp
this app shows you the battery charge cycles of your.webp.webp.webp

Some of the new features of Android 14 go inside, in the system APIs. These APIs, by the way, will be final in the next Android 14 beta that will arrive sometime this month. A new battery status API provides battery information that we did not have until nowand there is already an application to read it.

Knowing the battery charge cycles depends entirely on whether the manufacturer has decided to integrate it into the system on their own (and they usually don’t). This could change in Android 14 with a new battery management API. An application already takes advantage of it so that we can see data like battery health and charge cycles.

Charge cycles finally visible on Android (14)

On Android if you want measure charging cycles you typically need to do this manually, with apps basically keeping track manually and only from the moment you installed them, with few exceptions. It is possible that Android 14 will let us know the data.

The BatteryManager API gains data in Android 14, now being able to indicate charge status and charge cycles. For now they are not shown in the operating system itself -which could change between now and the final version- but a third-party application can access the data and display it.

The application already exists and it is Batt, which is open source and you can download it for free from GitHub. The app is extremely simple and basically shows us the number of charging cycles and charging status. If the app is granted the permission android.permission.BATTERY_STATSsomething that can be done with the help of Shizuku, then we will have even more data.

With this permission granted, and without the need for root, we will also see the state of health, the date of first use and the date of manufacture of the battery. With Android 14 still under construction, we cannot be 100% sure that this API will remain open and accessible to any application in its final version, although we hope so. Knowing the battery cycles will help us to know if it is time to change it or better evaluate the state of a mobile that we buy second-hand.

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