This app helps you eat better with foods you like and without obsessing over calories

this app helps you eat better with foods you like.jpg
this app helps you eat better with foods you like.jpg

There are many applications to eat better and try to manage our weight, but few manage to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Today we want to talk to you about Fitia, an app that has convinced us by move away from tight calorie control and for adapting everything to the user’s preferences.

Through its algorithm Fitia will plan our daily menu based on foods we like. Simple recipes, with easy to measure amounts and very complete at the level of macronutrients. As a good sports app, it will allow us to keep track of our weight and adapt the plans to our needs.

Fitia, one of the best apps if you want to control your diet

This app helps you eat better with foods you like and without obsessing over calories

Many of the apps that we find to control eating base their operation on a strict caloric count. This is difficult to carry out by users on foot, since it can be tedious to go around weighing everything we eat.

One of the best points of Fitia is that it relies only on the foods we like to create the menus

When opening Fitia we have to indicate what our goal is: reduce fat, maintain weight or gain muscle. Based on this, the macronutrients will be distributed in one way or another and the caloric count will be adapted. Then we will have to configure the foods we like, the point where the app shines the most. We have a complete list of carbohydrates, proteins and fats so that the app can prepare recipes.


If you are one of those who cannot handle quinoa, if you do not eat meat, or if there is some food that does not fit into your diet, simply do not add it so that combinations are not created around it. The app will only create recipes with the foods you want.

Forget to count calories in detail. Fitia tells you if you have to eat a handful of rice or a few tablespoons of yogurt. Calories are given in a band, not a single number

After this, we have to configure how to measure the quantities. If we do not want to weigh food, we can tell you that indicate us in palms, fists, tablespoons … It is a much more natural way to measure quantities, although not the most precise (this app does not pretend that we go to the gram).

After configuring all this, we will configure the date on which we want to reach our goals and the summary of the data and the target calories will appear. We liked that they give us an approximate calorie range, not an exact figure to meet every day, something very difficult to carry out. In my case, with an example of wanting to gain muscle mass, it tells me a calorie surplus band with a margin of 500 calories, to keep me in that range for a certain time.

Fitia Copia

Once the plan is created, automatically, the app gives us recommendations for food, mid-morning, lunch and dinner, always adapting to the foods that we have told you. We can expand these alternatives by clicking on “alternative recipes”, where we will be shown a huge list of suggestions so that we have a choice. Each recipe has already measured calories and macros.

Apart from all these recipes, we have a gigantic database with food and products from the main supermarkets in Spain, in case we have eaten our personalized recipe. We can also save our own recipes and search another database for recommendations for different recipes.



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