This Android feature seems to me the most useful in recent years, but little is said about it

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I admit it, a lot has always happened to me but in Android 11 the solution to my problems finally arrived. I’m talking about the (not so) famous ‘Notification history’. The remedy for those of us who are big hands and touch where we shouldn’t and inadvertently slide at the wrong time. A history that stores absolutely everything that your phone has shown you as a notification in the last 24 hours. Enough time for you to check in case of an accident.

The notification history has been created for clumsy

I have to confess, though, that even though it landed alongside Android 11, I didn’t really discover the power of notification history until well into Android 12. I’m not here to lie to you, it’s just that slow. It was as a result of having extra

That was when a spark jumped in my brain that made me remember the history. I activated it right then and there I’ve had it enabled ever since. We are talking, as I have already told you, about a place on your Android where there is a list with absolutely all the notifications that the mobile has shown on the screen in the last day. 24 hours.

Logically, many of them may no longer lead anywhere. Like the email notices associated with an email that you have already deleted. Or like message notifications. If you have deleted the object that was notified to you, its usefulness beyond the informative one has ended. But the notification will be therereminding you that at 11:39 in the morning someone wrote to you on WhatsApp to tell you this or that.

If your notification is not fully displayed (you have lock screen protection activated, they are private messages) it is not fully saved either

Because that’s another. The history saves the notification as such. Complete. Nothing about “at that time you received an email”, but you will see the extract of the email as it was seen in the notification, and also who sent it to you”. So if you have activated your notifications so that they show you the content of messages, that content will still be there in the notification. That person who wrote you something and then deleted it will not be able to say that it never existed. Because it will be printed in your notification history.

And yes, privacy is respected. As I have told you, the notification is saved as it was shown. So messages from secret Telegram groups and so on will be displayed without the content of the message. You don’t have to worry about the history revealing more information than it should. Breathe and move on.

Turning on notification history


Activating the notification history is also quite simple. You just have to go to the ‘settings’ of your Android, then locate the section of ‘Notifications’. Once inside you access ‘Notification history’ and you just have to press the switch so that the history is activated. And if you already had it active, there you will have the list of notifications from the last 24 hours. The history saves up to there, a full day. Remember it.

  • We enter ‘Settings’.
  • Let’s go to ‘Notifications’.
  • From there to ‘Notification history’.
  • We turn it on and notifications from the last 24 hours will be automatically saved and displayed.

Without a doubt, the most useful function that Android has given to my thick and clumsy fingers. No more losing information for being that clumsy.