This amazing new app from Samsung improves your photos like magic and it’s free

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a retouching app to improve your photosor something like the Google Photos editor, but without having to pay any subscription.Galaxy Enhance-X is a photo enhancement app with specific and simple functions with which you can, more or less by pressing a button, enhance photos with one touch, sharpen blurry photos, remove reflections, add a portrait effect, or correct moire in a photo. It is free and can be installed on any Samsung mobile with Android 10 or higher.

Magic for your photos from Samsung

If you have a mobile Samsung that has at least Android 10, you should try Samsung’s new Galaxy Enhance-X app. It is available for download in the Galaxy Store, although if it does not appear as compatible, you can always choose to download its APK from APKMirror. The app installs correctly on any mobile with Android 10, although it only works on Samsung mobiles.

Galaxy Enhancer-X is a photo enhancement app that goes something like this how to mix Remini and Google Photos, as it allows you to scale images to a larger size (like Remini) and includes “magic” filters to improve photos (like Google Photos). Of course, in Galaxy Enhancer-X, all editing options are available without paying anything.


Samsung describes the app as the “one place to enhance photos with AI”, which is embodied in a series of editing tools: HDR, brighten, sharpen, sharpen, correct moiré, remove reflection, face and portrait. In addition, when exporting the photo you can choose to do it at a higher resolution than the original photo (up to 4x), which is why it is also used to rescale images.

If you’re not quite sure which filter to use, the app also gives you the option to enhance photo with magic, similar to the “magic wand” found in many similar apps. The tools are simple, although they have some options so you can adjust the result slightly.


Galaxy Enhance-X app promises improve your photos with the help of AI and when push comes to shove it will work better on some photos than others. Being free, it can get you out of trouble when you have a photo that needs a fix for which it is not enough to resort to the same apps as always, such as when it is blurry or in poor lighting.

When you enhance a photo with Gallery Enhance-X, it is saved separately in the gallery, so the original photo remains unchanged. It is a simple app that does not require any permission beyond accessing the photos in your gallery. You can download it from APKMirror.