The WhatsApp solution for those groups that lose interest: put an expiration date on them

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the whatsapp solution for those groups that lose interest put.webp.webp.webp

If you use WhatsApp, a problem that you will surely have is running out of storage space on your mobile. It is an application that consumes a lot of space and it can cause the terminal to be so full of things that it simply goes slow because it can’t handle more.

We have several ways to optimize and clean WhatsApp, but… what about groups? In the end, as long as you are a little active, they will put you in a multitude of groups that will be, for the most part, forgotten. For this reason, WhatsApp is testing a new function to remember that we must delete the groups.

WhatsApp groups with expiration date

At the moment this new WhatsApp function is not operational (in fact, it is not even in the beta program), but thanks to WABetaInfo we can see what will happen.

In the beta for iPhone, version, a button called “Expiring Groups” has been discovered, or “expiring groups”. There’s very, very little information about this because basically when you click on that function it brings up a screen that allows you to choose how much time you want to give the pool.

whatsapp groups

Thus, we have predefined options such as a day, a week or renew the expiration date, but we can also define a custom date. When the deadline is over, WhatsApp will notify us to clean the groupso we will save space.

We don’t know very well how it will work because, as we say, there is very little information about it at the moment, but it seems like a very good idea for those groups that we get into and that are abandoned after a week.

For example, a group for a party, a group to agree on a birthday present or the group of an excursion. These types of groups have a clear expiration date, we don’t remember to delete them and they end up being used as a repository for memes (which also occupy their own on the phone) or as a contact’s shopping list.

WhatsApp recently implemented a function that had been on Telegram for a long time: allowing you to send messages with an expiration date. This new function would go a step further and go from being something focused on privacy to a function that really gives us quality of life by freeing up space on our phone.