The Vivaldi browser is now able to block annoying cookie notices on web pages

the vivaldi browser is now able to block annoying cookie.jpg
the vivaldi browser is now able to block annoying cookie.jpg

Vivaldi is one of the best browsers for Android and it has just been updated to version 3.8, which comes from the hand of interesting news. Among them, a completely renewed interface to change the browser’s own language, shortcuts to return to home more quickly and, the most prominent, ‘Cookie Crumbler’, a function to put an end to cookie dialogs once and for all.

When browsing the different web pages, they are obliged to indicate that they use a certain number of cookies, a mandatory message by the GDPR regulation. With the new Vivaldi feature these dialogues can be blocked, something that will significantly improve the browsing experience.

The news coming to the Vivaldi browser


Vivaldi is being updated both on the desktop and in its version for Android, with important new features regarding its usability. First of all, changes come to the browser menu, which now has a list of 41 languages.

Vivaldi can now have an independent language that we have configured in the Android settings

Previously, Vivaldi adapted to the language configured in our Android, but from this menu we can configure the one we want independently. Thus, Even if we have the mobile phone in a certain language, Vivaldi can be configured so that, by default, it has another.

Vivaldi Browser Startpage Setting

Another addition at the UI level is a new shortcut to get back to the home page more quickly. From the settings we can configure the bottom bar of Vivaldi so that, in a single press, we return to the home page of the browser. This is an optional function, so we can activate or deactivate it at will.

Vivaldi Browser Cookie Blocker Setting 1

However, the most striking function is that of ‘Cookie Crumbler’, a feature that allows block cookie dialogs on web pages. This function can be activated or deactivated from the ad blocking menu, eliminating the warning and consent message about the cookies used by a certain web page. According to Vivaldi, this feature will work on most web pages, although there can always be some exceptions.

The new version of Vivaldi can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, a lightweight browser with cool features and a good alternative to some of the ones we find in the Google app store.

Vivaldi: fast browser with ad blocking

Vivaldi: fast browser with ad blocking

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Vivaldi
  • Download: For Android on Google Play