The unconscious gesture that we make with the mobile and that makes us spend more battery and data

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could cause you to consume more battery and even mobile data if you are not connected to a WiFi network.And it is that, in old versions of Android, it was even a recommendation. However, nowadays, closing the apps does not speed up the mobile or save battery. Not in a general way, much less in a notable way. In the long run, this gesture can be counterproductive.

See which apps you use most often and don’t close them

Close Apps

Every day we often consult our messaging and social network apps, as well as some others such as those of the bank or email. Keep them open in these cases brings more benefits than having them closedstarting with much faster content loading.

Android system is responsible for managing applications when they are operating in the background so they are ready as soon as you open them. And, in the same way, try to ensure that the battery consumption of these is as low as possible and, in any case, lower than that which occurs when they are opened after being closed.

And it is that closing and opening them continuously ends up producing a consumption peak that in the long run can end up drinking all the battery. Therefore, although there will still be consumption, it is much more convenient to keep them open even if we are going to spend a while without using them.

Different is the case in less frequent apps; those that you use sporadically and it may even take several days without you opening them. In those cases, it is advisable to leave them closed, since you are not going to use them often and therefore there will only be a sporadic consumption peak when you do, thus avoiding that it is acting in the background (for little battery that consumes ).

If you’re not on a WiFi network, it’s an even bigger problem

Mobile data

Keeping frequent apps open, in addition to faster load times and less battery consumption, also helps you when you are connected to the internet via mobile data. And it is that, as we already anticipated at the beginning, it will allow you to save data on your rate.

If you are connected to a WiFi network or have an unlimited data rate, this point will not matter to you. But otherwise, opening the app also consumes more data because of having to connect to the servers again and load all the content. At least in apps that require the use of the Internet, since in others it is indifferent.

Goodbye myths and manias: keeping frequent apps open is more beneficial than harmful.

Be that as it may, and far from the old topic that exists about closing apps, this is a habit of little benefit to the general performance of the mobile. And well, it’s not like there’s going to be a catastrophe by closing them, but you’ll notice how when you stop doing it with the usual apps you get get to the end of the day with more battery and without having spent so much mobile data. Appetizing, right?