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The star of PlayStation shines in this game that you can try before anyone else: download Ultimate Sackboy now

the star of playstation shines in this game that you.webp.webp.webp
the star of playstation shines in this game that you.webp.webp.webp

Little Big Planet is a Sony franchise that accumulates very good titles on PlayStation. And on mobile phones: Sackboy, the protagonist of the saga, has already made an appearance on touch screens. And now he repeats with a new game, also of an “endless runner” style: Ultimate Sackboy is coming soon. Do you want to download it now?

Sony decided to open its most popular franchises beyond its consoles, there are the excellent Spider-Man, God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn, all three succeeding on their own merits on PC. In mobiles it is not lavished so much; even if we do have a title available. For example, two sackboy games: one available for a few years and another that is already heating up in the band.

Ultimate Sackboy in pre-registration and with the apk circulating

It usually happens: it doesn’t matter that developers keep a closed beta of their applications, sooner or later ends up leaking the installation file. Fortunately for those of us who are looking for the latest news, as is the case with the game at hand: Ultimate Sackboy.

The new installment of the protagonist of Little Big Planet maintains the mechanics of always running forward at the same time improvement in graphics and see the plot enriched with a greater variety of secondary charactersminigames in the form of puzzles, customization and, ob

Ultimate Sackboy is very reminiscent of another classic of the genre, Subway Surfers. Of course: despite the aforementioned “endless runner” mechanic, in this new title you do not fight only to achieve the greatest distance: Ultimate Sackboy offers us direct challenges against the timer in which we must obtain a higher score than the rivals; both machine controlled and human (currently there are no real opponents).

The game is quite fun, the graphics keep the aesthetics of Little Big Planet, the controls are not complicated and it has a lot of challenges available. Maybe too many: get coins, gems and stars overwhelms. Nothing new in a “freemium” game of this style, on the other hand.

Want to give Ultimate Sackboy a try right now? The game is on the Google Play Store as a pre-registration, the store also hides the beta of the game. Even so, said beta does not open the download: you need the apk that you can find in Apk Combo. It’s clean of malware, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure with Virus Total.

ultimate sackboy

  • Developer: Exient
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

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