The secret code that turns you into a Waze monster

the secret code that turns you into a waze monster.webp.webp.webp
the secret code that turns you into a waze monster.webp.webp.webp

If you want to be a monster in Waze, you have two options: use the application incessantly until you know all the tricks and secrets, or take advantage of a curious Easter egg.

With a secret code, you can get a exclusive avatar of a purple monster which is not available in the application on a regular basis neither for normal users nor for map editors.

Anyone can be a Waze Monster

One of the differences between Waze and Google Maps is that the former has many more customization options. Whereas on Google Maps all you can do is choose from a handful of cars, on Waze you have the option of choose an avatar with which other users will see you on the map.

The app has dozens of avatars to choose from of all types and from time to time adds new designs so you have a good amount to choose from. And yet there is an avatar that is not available to the masses: the monster.


Waze has tons of avatars and even zombies, but you won’t find “the monster” among them

Whoever wants to use this elusive avatar is going to have to take advantage of a curious easter egg in the application that, of course, is not very intuitive since it requires that let’s do a search with a secret code.

That is, you will have to open Waze and click on the search bar to write ##@morph and start the search. Nothing will happen at first glance, except that the search box will close.


However, the next time you tap on my waze and check your avatar, you will see that you have turned into a cyclops purple monster who is looking at you with a smiling face. This will be your new Waze avatar, until you change it.

The secret avatar is visible to other usersso you can brag about having an avatar that only a select few have managed to unlock.


Otherwise, this secret code does not seem to have any other purposeThen again, why should I? With the fact that you can have your purple monster is already more than enough.

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