The Second Life metaverse will arrive on mobile phones 20 years after its birth

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the second life metaverse will arrive on mobile phones 20.webp.webp.webp

The latest efforts in metaverse They come from mobile operators such as Movistar or Orange. Although other companies in the sector have also joined, such as the case of Qualcomm, which collaborates with Telefónica for its Extended Reality ecosystem. But this concept is nothing new nor has it been invented by Meta, which recently launched its Meta Quest 2 glasses with Vodafone’s metaverse.

If there is a precedent that laid the foundations of a metaverse, that was the game Second Life. In this free title, we can have an alternative life, albeit virtually. Users have been waiting almost fifteen years for the title to be available on mobile, it seemed that it would never come true, but the day has come.

Second Life on mobile? A video shows us the current state.

Through a post on the second life official forumhave announced the arrival of the official mobile application. Now, we will be able to enter this metaverse and experience the most unexpected adventures with our avatar.

In said publication, the company behind Second Life has uploaded a video to YouTube explaining the news that will come to the virtual platformas well as the road map for this year 2023.

Second Life

Image | Wikimedia Commons

As we can see in the video, the title It will be available for Android and iOS phones. and it will be called “Second Life Mobile”. Apparently the build Shown is still in the preliminary beta phase, so it would continue to be developed to further refine its operation before the official launch.

The work they have carried out leaves a good taste in the mouth, as it seems that Second Life Mobile will move decently on mobile devices. As confirmed by one of the engineers in charge of the development, they have faced some challenges to create this viewer (this is what they call the different clients that give access to Second Life).

One of the difficulties that has arisen is the rendering of the avatars, with all that this entails such as animations, attachments (elements that change the appearance of our character) and behavior. Likewise, three-dimensional environments have also been another obstacle. The engine chosen for carry Second Life to mobile is Unity, which has partly facilitated the work.

At the moment, the developer confirms that what we are looking at is a work in progress, and that there is still a lot to do before launch. In the coming months they will bring us new development news. Therefore, we can only wait to see what Second Life for mobile can offer.

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