The results of the Madrid Elections on your mobile and in real time with this application

the results of the madrid elections on your mobile and.jpg
the results of the madrid elections on your mobile and.jpg

Today May 4 is the day chosen by the president of the Community of Madrid to celebrate the Elections of the Autonomous Community. And the Community itself has an application with which to consult the results in real time once the polling stations are closed: 4M Elections Madrid 2021. If you want to get up to the minute information from your mobile this is an essential app.

Today is an important day for the Community of Madrid in particular and for the rest of Spain due to the political implications that the results of the Madrid elections will undoubtedly entail. After a few hard weeks of pre-campaign and campaignToday, May 4, all Madrilenians have an appointment with the polls. And, given the importance of the elections, they will also be followed from the rest of the territory, even from other countries. 4M Elecciones Madrid 2021 is the app to choose.

Results in real time, composition of the Madrid Assembly and progress of participation

Elections Madrid

Election day is usually experienced with intensity from first thing in the morning. Although it is after the closure of the polling stations when the real effervescence occurs: with the real-time connections of the different electoral boards the results are known little by little thus awakening all the emotion. The official app is usually the best way to know all this data in real time.

The Community of Madrid offers the official application of the elections in the Google Play Store and also in the App Store. With her it is possible know the progress of participation and how many polling stations opened at the beginning of the day. And, once the vote count begins, the app will offer all that information as the Madrid electoral board communicates them; so the app is enough to know how the matches are going, no other information medium is necessary.

4M Elecciones Madrid 2021 offers the results in real time, as we said; broken down by parties and with the advantage of being able to compare them with the data of the previous Madrid elections, those of 2021.

The electoral data will be broken down by parties with the option of consulting the information globally and by municipalities. It will even be possible simulate pacts as the electoral results remain firm: the application itself has a ‘pactometer’ with which to understand the movements that will be carried out after the elections in order to reach an investiture agreement. As long as some party does not obtain an absolute majority, of course.

Elections Madrid

The app 4M Elections Madrid 2021 It is now available to download from the app stores, for both Android and iPhone devices.

4M Elections Madrid 2021

4M Elections Madrid 2021

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