The problem of sharing the WiFi password is over: this method works from Android to Android but also on PC

the problem of sharing the wifi password is over this.webp.webp.webp
the problem of sharing the wifi password is over this.webp.webp.webp

If there is a connection used by everyone today, that is WiFi. Connecting to a router is essential for any device that needs Internet. But there is a small impediment: it is convenient to use strong passwords, usually quite long and complex, so when they ask us for access we start to tremble.

There are simple methods such as using a QR code, and valid alternatives, see the WPS button. However, since I discovered this function of my android phonethere is nothing that equals it.

Nearby Share, the great cover to share the password Wi-Fi

Nearby Share

Sharing with Nearby is a very interesting function that, as its name indicates, allows share all kinds of items between Android devices. It is a very simple solution if we want in

Indeed, we can share our wifi network using the functionality, and either to share it

To do this, we will go to the Android Settings, we will enter the WiFi settings and we will touch on our network. A button with the text “Share” will give us the clue to which we must go. First, the system will request authenticationbeing able to use the PIN, pattern or fingerprint unlocking, in order to reveal the information to us.

Share Wifi Nearby

Next, we will see the QR code on the screen, but the trick is at the bottom. There is the button nearby, it will be enough to touch it to see the compatible devices around us. Remember to enable your Android mobile as visible, otherwise it will not work.

When the device appears, it will be as easy as playing on top of it. Done! The other user will receive access to the network without the need to enter the password. It works between Android phones, but if we have a Windows computer, it is also possible.

Now it also works on PCs

With the landing of the Following the same procedure, our Android should detect the PC among the devices compatible with nearbyonce it appears, we will touch on it to share the WiFi key.

Windows WIFI Nearby

Windows will detect it as credentials for a wireless connection, showing us the “Save network” button. At this point, our PC will automatically connect to the network, as long as the router is within range.

As we have seen, quoting the password or using the WPS button are a thing of the past. Google makes our lives easier againwith a complete tool that is not only useful for

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