The Pixels already allow filtering calls in Spain: this is how the Google Assistant can answer calls for you

the pixels already allow filtering calls in spain this is.jpg
the pixels already allow filtering calls in spain this is.jpg

Last week when Google reviewed the news that would arrive in its Telephone application on the occasion of the presentation of the new Pixel 6, the company took the opportunity to announce the launch of ‘Screen Call’ in more countries, including Spain.

So far, the ‘Screen call’ feature o Filter calls It was only available in the United States, Canada and Japan, but from now on it is also available in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. From these new countries we can use the Google Assistant to answer our calls for us to know who is calling and what is the reason for the call.

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So you can filter calls manually

Released more than three years ago on the Pixel 3, this practical tool finally comes to the application Google Phone, which integrates the Google Assistant so that answer manually to those calls that we don’t want to answer but we do want to know what they want.

If you have a Google Pixel Now you can manually filter calls. You will see how in the notification of an incoming call or on the same screen to answer you will see the new option Filter call. This option diverts the call to the Google Assistant so that he is the one who answers.

Assistance Call Filter

When we click on Filter call, the person who is calling us will hear an announcement played by the Google Assistant in which will inform you that we are using the call filter service and will ask you if you can say your name and the reason for the call.

We will receive a transcript with the response of the person who is calling us. During the call screening, we cannot hear the sender and he will not be able to hear us until we accept the call.

Assistance Call Filter 2

During the manual call filtering we will see how the Google Assistant suggests some answers for the caller to hear. The suggested answers that it offers us are:

  • It is urgent?: “Is this an urgent call?”
  • Mark as spam: “Please delete this number from your mailing and contact list. Thank you.”
  • I’ll call you later: “He can’t get on right now, but he’ll call you later. Thank you.”
  • It’s not understood: “I didn’t understand you. Can you repeat what you just said?”

Call filter works for any call, either for a call from a contact in the phonebook, from an unknown number or from a hidden number. After reading the transcript, we can accept the call to answer personally or reject it so that the Google Assistant hangs up saying goodbye.

Assistance Call Filter

To activate call filtering on your Google Pixel you have to go to the application Telephone, access the Settings and in the new section “Assistance” enter Call filter. There you have to download the voice pack in your language. When the download is complete, if you enter Voice You can choose if you want the Google Assistant to answer with a female voice or a male voice.

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