The Pikmin land on mobile with Pikmin Bloom, a game similar to Pokémon Go that is already in testing

the pikmin land on mobile with pikmin bloom a game.jpg
the pikmin land on mobile with pikmin bloom a game.jpg

The new exploration game in the real world using mobile phones has begun its testing period: Pikmin Bloom is a Pokémon Go title that will land on Android and also on iPhone. Niantic and Nintendo, developers of the game, promise adventures with augmented reality, challenges, promotion of exercise and above all, they promise tons of Pikmin in the smartphone.

Niantic has become strong in a type of mobile game that the company itself developed and made popular: the titles of exploration of the real world based on universes developed for the phone screen. This combination has been especially effective in Pokémon Go, it is inevitable to talk about that particular style of play without mentioning the work of Niantic and Nintendo. Will Pikmin Bloom be another title to remember?

Locate Pikmins, make them grow and let them follow you

Pikmin Bloom

According to the game, Pikmin Bloom transfers the mechanics of consoles to the touch screens of mobile phones. In this way, and as we go walking mobile in hand, we will be followed by a group of Pikmins that will grow as we find new “plant creatures”. As is often the case, all varieties will have to be collected.

Niantic has proposed this new game as a more leisurely and sporty experience than that offered by Pokémon Go: the only way for Pikmins to grow, both in age and in number, will be to go for a walk. Along the way we will find “seedlings”, pots with Pikmin sprouts that we can keep in the backpack. And according to the meters walked, said “seedlings” will grow older until they become full-fledged Pikmins; that will follow us.

Location of new shoots, memories of the walks, challenges to be met thanks to the combination of Pikmins, we can plant flowers in the virtual world and see the trail left by the rest of the players and there will even be community days where Pikmin Bloom will propose to walk and play with other people.

Pikmin Bloom

Niantic and Nintendo already distribute Pikmin Bloom in the app stores, but this release is still limited: Only users in Singapore and Australia can access the download. Once the download is extended to the rest of the world, it will be available for free, without ads and with the usual in-app purchases to improve the experience.

Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom

  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Download it at: App Store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Adventure

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