The Nova Launcher that we knew may disappear: its developers sell the application

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Nova Launcher is now owned by Brancha company dedicated to ads and the analysis of web links between applications.

Over the years that I’ve been using Android, and I’ve dragged quite a few (I came in with Android 1.6 Donut in 2009 thanks to the HTC Magic), there hasn’t been a launcher that I liked more than Nova, the excellent app that I bought in 2012 and that has been visiting a good part of the smartphones that I analyzed since that date. Loaded with options, with extreme customization, up to date in terms of updates and with a transparent development carried out mostly by a single person. That huge job is now in doubt once Teslacoil confirms that it has sold Nova Launcher.

Branch stays with Nova Launcher, but they promise that the app will not change (too much)

Nova Launcher Branch

Nova Launcher is now part of Branch

Kevin Barry, creator of Nova Launcher, has confirmed the news on the Nova Launcher website, advancing the motivations for selling the application as well as the future changes that Nova Launcher will receive after its acquisition by Branch. This analytics and advertising firm is specialized in in-app links and their monetization; Therefore, a large part of Nova Launcher’s drift will be directed towards automated recommendations within the app as well as the analysis of how its users use the launcher.

Kevin highlights how difficult it has been for him to monetize Nova Launcher with just the one-time payment for the Prime version. This is precisely the main reason for selling his product to the multinational Branch: the new company will provide the money for the search for new functionalities and their development. In return, those of us who use Nova Launcher will see the inclusion of tools created by Branch to make the purchase profitable.

Nova Launcher is not going to be the same as always, This is what the developer himself has assured. It doesn’t have to change in depth, at least not yet, but nobody knows what could happen in the future with one of the best Android apps. As confirmed by Kevin Barry, these are the next changes that await Nova Launcher:

  • Search enriched with Branch results. Nova Launcher will offer recommendations in your search box. They will be automated according to Branch algorithms, it is not ruled out that they touch advertising. And, according to Kevin, they will run on the device.
  • Deeper analysis of the use of Nova Launcher. Branch will keep the app usage data. And these will increase greatly, it is one of the objectives of the purchase and the way in which it seeks to make it profitable.
  • More A/B tests. Nova Launcher will carry out more A/B tests on the application, those types of tests that seek to know which is the best of two or more possible changes.
Nova Launcher Branch

Branch business model

In principle, there should be no exaggerated changes in Nova Launcher, neither in terms of functionality, design or privacy. However, this is not the first time that an extremely popular application ends up devalued after being sold to another company, there is News Republic or QuickPic, both bought by Cheetah Mobile. I hope Nova Launcher doesn’t go to those extremes.

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