The new Netflix on Android TV will make you enjoy your series and movies more: so you can customize the subtitles

the new netflix on android tv will make you enjoy.webp.webp.webp
the new netflix on android tv will make you enjoy.webp.webp.webp

Netflix users on televisions had been asking for the customization of subtitles directly from the TV, and this one has finally arrived: the Android TV application already offers the possibility of changing the size and style of the subtitles. To make them more legible, to make them stand out more from the content… It’s up to you.

The war to dominate the streaming cake has more and more contenders, as the heavyweights do not stop facing new warriors. Because, although it seemed that Netflix had everything under control, the appearance of platforms such as Disney +, HBO Max or SkyShowtime is diluting the benefits of these companies; while more investment is needed. To keep users, each platform must continue to innovate in order to facilitate the use of streaming. Netflix is ​​fulfilling step by step.

Netflix subtitles as you want

Netflix Change Subtitles

Until now, the appearance of the subtitles could be changed in the web browser, from the Netflix settings: adjusting it there they changed in the rest of the devices associated with the account. This is quite inconvenient for those who do not regularly use the computer or simply do not want to fight with the desktop version on their phone. And it gets even more annoying when using Netflix on TV.

To save Netflix users work on devices such as Android TV, the platform has finally enabled the modification of the subtitles directly from the TV screen. These changes can be made directly on any content being played. And they are adjustable in size, also in style; There are still not as many possibilities as those offered by Netflix on the web.

To change the Netflix subtitles directly in the Android TV app, you must carry out the following process:

  • Play any content on the TV screen and pause the playback.
  • Look at the icons that appear below the playback bar and go to the one on the right, the one with the cogwheel.
  • There you can adjust the size in three different font dimensions. If you want, you can also vary the style to offer a greater contrast of the text on the content.
  • The customization of the subtitles will remain active only in the Android TV application, the rest of the devices will maintain the default configuration; that you can change from the web browser.

With this small change, Netflix greatly facilitates the visibility of the text on the screen: anyone can adjust it to their needs so as not to miss anything that is said on TV. This option is already available in the Netflix apps for televisionsas it happens in Android TV.

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