The new Google Maps in Spain will allow you to save gasoline when you choose a route

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the most efficient path is highlighted when setting the route. It does so with a leaf icon, although it does not always appear, since not all routes have options available that allow them to pollute less.

A good way to check if you already have this option and that it will help you to adapt the function to your circumstances is to choose the type of fuel your vehicle uses. You can see this in the route options that appear when you click on the three-dot icon in the upper right. In addition to the already classic options of Avoid highways, avoid tolls Y avoid ferriesthe option to configure whether the vehicle is gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid will appear.

It can be said that It is not that new routes appear that did not exist before, but now the app is equipped with enough data to know how to distinguish which of all is the most efficient. And, although sometimes there may be other faster options, these will undoubtedly be great incentives to save money on fuel and lend a good hand to the planet.