The multi-device mode of WhatsApp begins to arrive on the iPhone

the multi device mode of whatsapp begins to arrive on the.jpeg
the multi device mode of whatsapp begins to arrive on the.jpeg

WhatsApp’s multi-device mode arrived in beta in July, although it was not available to all users. This mode with limitations is now available for iOS in its latest stable version, specifically, version of WhatsApp for iOS, available from the App Store.

Let’s go over which allows to do the multi-device mode on iOS, since we can connect “independently” from other devices, but not from a second iPhone, one of its main limitations.

Multi-device mode comes to iOS

whatsapp multi

IPhone users with WhatsApp version (stable) installed can now access the beta of multi-device mode. This mode allows us to link several devices without the need for our iPhone to be connected to WhatsApp. As in services such as WhatsApp Web, it is necessary to scan a QR code to make this link.

The iPads still do not have a native WhatsApp app, so the multi-device mode still does not work

At first, we can connect our iPhone to the Mac through this device mode, being able to use WhatsApp on the Mac without the need for the mobile to be connected to the network. As there is still no native application for iPad, can’t use multi-device mode on iPadOS, for the moment.

The next expected jump is the arrival of the stable version from the multi-device mode to the iPad thanks to the native app, one of the great news that is expected for 2021. For now, we can test the beta on our iPhone.

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