The most important WhatsApp novelty of all time is on the way: use it on two mobiles at the same time

the most important whatsapp novelty of all time is on.jpg
the most important whatsapp novelty of all time is on.jpg

WhatsApp has always been used only on one mobile: as soon as you register your account on a second mobile, it is unconfigured from the first. This started to change with WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop and the new multi-device mode, but the limitation was still there: only one phone at a time.

Rumors told us that it would be possible to use WhatsApp on more than one mobile through a new version of multi-device mode that would also bring the app to the iPad and Android tablets, but we knew little more about it. Now we have the first clues that this is really going to happen, from WaBetaInfo.

WhatsApp on several mobiles, without tricks

Today if you want use your WhatsApp account on several mobiles At the same time, you basically have one option: use WhatsApp Web on the second mobile. This is so, although the application allows you to synchronize your account on other devices, these can be a PC or the smart speakers of Meta, the Facebook Portal.

This seems to be about to change after discovering that the WhatsApp application hides a section called Register device as companion app. It is the missing link of the WhatsApp multi-device mode by which it would be possible to configure your WhatsApp account in the WhatsApp application itself, on a second phone.


As can be deduced from the explanations shown in said window, its operation would be similar to that of WhatsApp Web. On the second mobile, you must open WhatsApp and choose that you want to use it as a secondary app, which will show a QR code. From your main mobile, you must open the section of Linked Devices of WhatsApp and scan the code of the second mobile.

This will open the door to using WhatsApp on two mobiles in a much more comfortable way than with WhatsApp Web, but it will have an even more important side effect: will allow you to use WhatsApp on the tablet or iPad. The development of the version of WhatsApp for iPad was leaked many months ago, although it requires a system like this to be active before it can work. Only time will tell how long this multi-device mode 2.0 will take to reach users.

Via | WaBetaInfo