The mobile and the view do not get along, but there is an ally for your eyes: the visual comfort mode

the mobile and the view do not get along but.webp.webp.webp
the mobile and the view do not get along but.webp.webp.webp

Without us realizing, we are constantly reading from mobile: publications of contacts on social networks, WhatsApp messages, emails, and a long etcetera. Although we also use it to read in the strictest sense of the word, and that is that our mobile can be a good electronic book.

In fact, a server uses reading before bed as a foolproof method to fall asleep, following a very exact configuration. Well, one of the ways that our mobile helps us to reading in low light conditions It is the visual comfort mode. Although its name changes depending on the manufacturer, almost all have adopted it to add a more useful possibility for users. We tell you how to activate it and what benefits it brings.

What is visual comfort mode and what is it for?

reading mode

Actually, the name is given by the function it fulfills, being different in each manufacturer. This way change the color of the screenturning it somewhat more yellowish, making our eyes suffer less.

The scientific explanation is somewhat more complex but is well understood: our eyes get tired more before the stimulus of blue-violet light, since this has a shorter wavelength. This causes visual stress, and it will be when we notice discomfort in our eyes.

To partly alleviate this problem, some manufacturers began to incorporate this function in their customization layers that run on Android. Commonly called visual comfort mode or reading mode, reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the mobile screen, reducing visual fatigue. In addition, it is ideal for the night when we are used to the dark.

How to activate it on any Android

As we have mentioned, to activate it on your mobile you must look for it among the settings, but so that you do not waste time, we show you the steps to get there in each brand that uses the Google operating system.

Realme phones with Realme UI

To activate the comfort mode on mobiles from the Chinese manufacturer we must go to the Settings, and then we will reach the function following these steps:

  • Tap on “Display and Brightness”. Scroll down the list of options a bit until you see “Visual comfort”.
Visual Comfort Realme

Realme UI allows us change screen color temperatureas well as choose between two modes: with color (yellowish tone) or in black and white (decreases the intensity of the colors).

Samsung phones with One UI

If you have a mobile from the best-known galaxy in the smartphone world, you will have One UI. In the terminals of the Korean manufacturer we must look for it with the name of “eye protection”. As we have said, each manufacturer gives it a particular name because there is no universal solution.

Samsung Protector Vista Activate

Follow these steps to activate it:

  • Enter Settings, which you will easily locate by the gear icon.
  • Find and tap on “Display”, and then you will see the function we are looking for. Click to enter it.

Pure Android or close to the Pixel interface

On Google phones and others with light customization layers like Nokia or Motorola, the name of this feature changes to “Night light”. To get there, follow this path:

Pixel Night Light

  • Go to your Android Settings. Then enter the “Screen” section.
  • Scroll down with your finger to the bottom, you can see the setting called “Night Light”, tap on it.

In the case of the Pixel, it allows us schedule the ignition of the function, in order to avoid manual activation. The good thing is that we do not necessarily need to choose a period of time, but it is synchronized with sunset and sunrise.

Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobiles

In the case of the well-known Xiaomi and its daughters Redmi and POCO, they all live under the umbrella of MIUI 14. If you have a smartphone from these brands, follow this process:

  • Locate the Settings icon and tap on it. Look for the “Display” section that appears not far from the beginning.
Miui 14 Reading Mode

  • Within this section, the option that we have to look for is dubbed as “read mode” and appears under the “Display” section. We must click on it to access.

MIUI 14 also allows you to program the switching on and off of the aforementioned mode, but also adds the modification of the temperature as well as two modes: the “classic” only changes to warmer colors while the “paper” mode simulates the texture of paper on the backgrounds.

With this function correctly configured, we will be able to read for longer periods without our eyes suffering. In the long run, you will notice more comfort in your reading sessions, all that remains is to enjoy it.

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