The Magic Eraser of Google Photos extends its magic: this is the camouflage mode

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Hide the unwanted without removing it

Camouflage Eraser

The Magic Eraser camo in action

The idea behind Magic Eraser is to use Google AI to clean images of anything you don’t want. The person who snuck into the shot just when you weren’t supposed to, an annoying streetlight, and whatever else: with Google Photos and Magic Eraser, simply draw on what you want removed and it magically disappears.

As is often the case, this Google tool has its difficulties depending on the environment, but the truth is that it can show off the magic it proclaims. And the same goes for the new camouflage tool: the AI ​​perfectly detects the contours and colors of the background to make the desired elements less important in the image. As the name dictates, Photos camouflages them so that they continue to be seen, but less so.

The Magic Eraser camouflage is very useful with those elements that, due to their position, saturation or colors, stand out too much on the image; bringing attention to what really matters. Its usage mechanics is identical to the delete option:

  • Open Google Photos on the Google Pixel 6a.
  • Choose the photo you want to edit and click right on that button, on the “Edit” button.
  • Go to “Tools” and select “Magic Eraser”.
  • Choose “Camouflage” and wait for the AI ​​to detect those elements of the photo that most need to be camouflaged. Circle with your finger what you want to camouflage and Google Photos will integrate it into the background so that it stands out less.
  • You can apply the camouflage on as many elements as you like until you get the best results.
The first camouflage cat

It may be less useful than the option to remove elements, but it is still magical: camouflaging opens up a multitude of possibilities with which to enrich the images. The AI ​​​​detects the contours really well, selects the colors of the background in detail and keeps the volume of the camouflaged so that the edition is barely noticeable. Of course, it doesn’t always work as well. And it depends a lot on the lighting, also on how busy the image is.

The Magic Eraser camouflage currently only available in the Google Photos app on the Pixel 6a. In principle, Google should bring this tool to the other two Pixel 6s, at the moment it is not available (and the Pixel 6a apk is not compatible, we have verified it).

Cover image | AQgraphy