The jewel of Netflix in its catalog of games can now be downloaded: Laya’s Horizon is the new title from the creators of Monument Valley

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the jewel of netflix in its catalog of games can.webp.webp.webp

It may not sound familiar to you, but beyond series, movies, and documentaries, Netflix also has video games. And although they have shown some indication of allowing the game to be played on TV, the truth is that for the moment It only allows you to play on mobile. The last one that has arrived is also a great game that comes from the same developers of ‘Monument Valley’ and ‘Alto’s Odyssey‘.

Available on both iOS and Android, its name is ‘Laya’s Horizon’ and it has a graphic style similar to the aforementioned titles. Of course, it has a very different mechanics to that of these but with more than appreciable differences. And of course, with a very different mechanic.

What is ‘Laya’s Horizon’ about and how to play from the mobile

We will start by answering the second question, which is that, as we already told you, this is a game exclusive to Netflix subscribers regardless of the plan you have (in the basic with ads there are not all the titles, but this is one of the ones that is). So, you can download it from Google Play or the App Store, although we insist that you can only play it if you have an active subscription to the platform.

Laya’s Horizon

Available exclusively to Netflix subscribers. Master the art of flying. Launch yourself from mountains, meander through forests, and glide over rivers to unlock new abilities as you explore…

Regarding mechanics, say that It is one of those games that are addictive due to its simplicity. Accompanied by a smooth soundtrack reminiscent of other titles by these creators, everything consists of flying over the different open-world islands that the game offers with our character, avoiding obstacles while completing more than 50 missions. that are happening

During the course of the game, the flying skills will be improved, as well as the obtaining of elements that will provide more energy to the character. Beyond this, too we found a backstory in which Laya, who not only gives its name to the game, but also to the protagonist, intersects with different characters.

The controls They go hand in hand with the mechanics in terms of simplicity, being able to control the height and position of our character’s flight with just a slide of two fingers (one on each side of the screen). At the beginning of the game, as usual, a short tutorial is proposed with which to master it in a matter of a few seconds.

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