The Instagram app hides an avatar creator: this is how it works

the instagram app hides an avatar creator this is how.jpg
the instagram app hides an avatar creator this is how.jpg

About two years ago, Facebook added the option to create a custom avatar from within its app, which you can later use as stickers in comments, Messenger, and status updates. the app of Instagram has its own avatar creator, although for now they can not be used for anything.

If you entertain yourself creating characters in your image and likeness, you can do the same with the Instagram avatar generator. It is semi-hidden in the application options and, at the moment, you can’t in chats or posts, though this should change in future updates.

So are Instagram avatars

The Instagram app is very given to testing that then end up reaching all users -or not- and one of them seems to be the avatars. Officially Instagram has not announced this feature and there is no mention about it in its help section. Still, the menu is active for at least some accounts.

To find out if you have access to Instagram avatars, you must open the application, go to the Setting and enter Bill. One of the numerous menus that you will find next will be the avatars.


Meta seems to have recycled Facebook’s avatar creator quite a bit to bring it to Instagram (even the text that accompanies the splash screen talks about Facebook and not Instagram), but it’s not identical. Overall Instagram avatar maker looks rougher than the one on facebook.

The process and steps are exactly identical, being able to choose skin tone, hairstyle, face shape and facial markings, eyes, eyebrows, nose, glasses, accessories, mouth, body, clothes, accessories and more, although there are fewer options than in the Facebook editor. The style of the resulting avatar is also somewhat different to the one generated with Facebook.


The Facebook avatar creator (left) and the Instagram avatar creator (right). Similar, but not identical

With even fewer options, with Instagram’s avatar generator you can probably replicate a character slightly resembling yourself with some patience. If you have forgotten what face you have, you can use the mirror to simultaneously see your face while creating your avatar, using the mobile’s front camera.

Probably the most curious thing about the whole thing comes when you finish configuring your avatar and press Ready. The avatar is finished and the progress is saved in your account (you can edit it later, if you want), but for now cannot be used anywhere in the app. Instagram messaging does not support these stickers and you cannot create new posts that include them either.


The only thing you can do with this avatar that you have generated is to feel proud of your creation and sync it with facebook. If you synchronize it with Facebook, it will overwrite the one you have configured in your Facebook account and then you will be able to take advantage of it, but on Facebook and not on Instagram.

Taking into account that facebook avatar generator has more options, the truth is that it does not make much sense to create it in an Instagram account and then synchronize it with Facebook.

Sync up

Be that as it may, Instagram in general and the Instagram beta in particular are very prone to all kinds of tests, so they consider two possible scenarios: that the “secret” avatar generator disappears overnight or that the avatar can be used in the application, for example, as stickers in the messaging section. Time will tell.