The hidden danger of changing your mobile number: WhatsApp opens the door for others to use it

the hidden danger of changing your mobile number whatsapp opens.webp.webp.webp
the hidden danger of changing your mobile number whatsapp opens.webp.webp.webp

I think, at this point, portability is something that we all have assumed when we are going to change operators. We have spent many years behind us with the same phone number and it is very difficult to give it up both for our contacts and for the linked applications.

And it is that, although it is not ideal, there are apps that we can access with the phone number and where we have data. One of them, perhaps the best known, is WhatsApp. The Meta app is strongly linked to our number, but… what happens if we want to change the number? Is our WhatsApp deleted, can they impersonate us or, inadvertently, read our conversations? Let’s see it.

WhatsApp has the solution if we cancel our phone number and change to a new one

WhatsApp is an application that arouses a lot of interest among outsiders because basically we usually have our life in these messaging apps. Friends, family, even work. In short: a lot of private and sensitive information in many cases.

That is why there are ways to protect WhatsApp (with our fingerprint, for example), but there are also measures that not many take and that are most interesting.

And it is that, the application itself has a security method that requires us to put a six-digit PIN as two-step verification method every time we register our phone in WhatsApp. This is useful if you change phones. Once you implement this security method, you can change the PIN or the associated email address to recover it.

To activate this security method, all you have to do is, in WhatsApp, click on the three upper vertical points, select ‘Settings’, go to the ‘Account’ tab, and select the ‘Two-Step Verification’ option. There, enter the six-digit PIN, confirm an email address… and that’s it.

However,what if you want to cancel your current phone number Why are you going to change to a new line or do you have private WhatsApp on a work mobile and want to migrate everything to a personal one? In that same ‘Account’ section we have the solution.

And it is that, there is an option that is ‘Change number’ that allows, precisely, to do that. What this function does is:

  • Transfer account information such as profile photo, name, description, settings from old phone, individual and group chats to a new number.
  • Delete the WhatsApp account linked to the old number. Also, your contacts will no longer see that number in their contact lists.

Doing it is very easy and, basically, consists of entering the current number, the new one to which we want to migrate the account and activate the box to communicate the change to our contacts. You can do it for everyone or dial contacts one by one so that only those you care about know that you have a new phone number.

change whatsapp number

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It is somewhat unlikely, but imagine what happens and a new user registers his number (which is the one you had before) in WhatsApp and accesses data. Yes, we have the Drive backup measure in our Gmail account and also the 6-digit PIN we created earlier, but it could happen.

So, as you see, With a few simple steps we can shield our current WhatsApp number, but also migrate to a new phone if we decide to change the number. In this way you have all the guarantees that you will continue to be… you.

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