The Government wants to bring bureaucracy to the mobile: ‘My Citizen Folder 3.0’ is preparing for the testing phase

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the Digital Spain Agendathe initiative launched in July 2020 to promote the process of digital transformation of the country. That Agenda, which now fits horizon 2026includes, among other things, various actions to extend digital connectivity to the entire population (such as the UNICO Broadband program) or aid for R&D in advanced 5G and 6G.

Another measure is the new Citizen Folder, which will begin its testing phase “soon”, as announced by Minister Calviño. The idea is that, through a new app for iOS and Android, citizens can manage our relationship with the Public Administration and access our data directly from the smartphone.

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Objective: 50% of transactions from mobile phones in 2025

Digital Spain 2026

One of the initiatives that is being carried out within the digitization process of the General State Administration is the complete renewal of the ‘Citizen Folder’. Currently, it is a private space which, among other procedures, allows citizens to consult information on the status of the files, access pending notifications, manage powers of attorney or consult the data held by the administrations.

With its renewal, ‘My Citizen Folder 3.0’ will not only be available on the web, as it has been up to now, but will also have a new mobile app for iOS and Android. This means that, through a secure and simple authentication, we will be able to access all the services offered by the current Citizen Folder and other additional ones from the phone.

➡️VP @NadiaCalvino: Soon we will launch the testing phase of the #CitizenFolderso that everyone has access to data and procedures from their mobile

The goal is for 50% of digital public services to be available over the phone by 2025.

— Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (@_minecogob) July 8, 2022

In fact, the Vice President of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has announced that the goal is for 50% of digital public services be available by phone in 2025.

It has also confirmed that, “soon” (without specifying when), the Secretary of State for Digitization will launch the testing phase of the new Citizen Folder “so that all citizens have access to data and administrative procedures from their mobile in an easy and personalized way”.

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