The “Google Reader” of Chrome already in tests in its stable version: this is how your RSS reader is activated

the google reader of chrome already in tests in its.jpg
the google reader of chrome already in tests in its.jpg

For a few months Google is integrating a RSS reader in Chrome for Android. Its testing phase began in May with Chrome Canary, then in June it reached Chrome Beta and now four months later it reaches the stable version from your browser.

This has been confirmed Adrienne Porter Felt, Chrome’s chief engineering officer, who announced that as of today RSS reader tests start in the stable version of Chrome for Android.

Chrome’s RSS reader is here to stay

With this announcement it is clear that the reception that the “Google Reader” of Chrome has had in the development versions of Chrome has been good, and that this feature is already around the corner for everyone.

Starting today, we’re experimenting on Chrome stable with a Following feature. You can choose websites to follow, and their RSS updates will appear on Chrome’s new tab page. We’ve been working on this for a while & I’m super excited to hear what people think.

In the statement we see that now they begin to experiment with the RSS reader in the stable version, which means that during the next few days this feature will begin to be activated for many more users, although if we do not want to wait we can manually activate the reader RSS feed in the latest version of Chrome for Android.

How to activate Chrome’s RSS reader

Google Chrome Rss Reader

If we don’t want to wait for Google to activate the RSS reader to be able to follow the news and articles from our favorite sites, we just have to follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome and type chrome: // flags in the address bar.
  • In the list of experimental functions look for ‘web feed’
  • In the drop-down and check ‘Enabled’.
  • Click on the ‘Relaunch’ to apply the changes. After the restart the RSS reader is already activated.
Google Chrome Rss Reader

With the RSS reader Chrome activated we will see that when accessing the news websites we see how when accessing the Chrome menu the new option appears at the bottom ‘+ Follow’. By clicking on this new option we will begin to follow the stories of the website, which we will see in the Chrome home tab, right next to Discover. In the new tab ‘Following’ We will see the news and articles from the websites we follow.

Google Chrome Rss Reader

Via | The Verge