The Google camera that revives old phones: this backward compatible GCam can improve all your photos

the google camera that revives old phones this backward compatible.webp.webp.webp
the google camera that revives old phones this backward compatible.webp.webp.webp

The processing that Google applies to photos taken with its camera application is one of the most powerful aspects of the Google Pixels. However, it is not necessary to have a ‘Made by Google’ phone to enjoy its benefits.

In fact, the latest version of Gcam was recently released to all mobile phones, but obviously it is not compatible with old devices. If you have a mobile that is a few years old, it is best to opt for this one that we present to you today.

A Gcam compatible with any phone since 2015

As you read, this version of the Google Camera is compatible with Android 6 and higher. We are talking about Android Marshmallow, a version released in 2015and almost forgotten. It is true that there will be few devices left with this version, but it will serve to revive some relic that we have in the drawer.

Specifically, this Gcam corresponds to version 3.2, quite outdated, but this has not prevented the well-known developer BSG retouch it to the maximum with interesting functions. It has portrait mode, 4K recording (if our mobile supports it) and even slow motion. But the most important thing is the aforementioned processing that will improve the photos.

The interface will obviously be less appealing compared to the new app, but we’ve got just the thing for you. squeeze the camera of an old mobile. Moving sideways with our finger, we will quickly switch to video mode.


On the other hand, we have quick access to the timer, being able to select different periods: 3 or 10 seconds. In the settings, the developer has included Advanced Options such as selecting the model of our mobile (to adapt the processing algorithm), the type of format for HDR+ images, and even the SmartBurst function, which launches bursts selecting the best shot among all of them.

For download it, as usual with all Gcam covers, we must go to the Celso Azevedo website by following this link. Once we download the file in APK format, we can install it without problems, although remember to enable installation from unknown sources. Give a new life to your old mobile, and boost your camera with this solution from Google.

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