The Google assistant dresses up Android 12 with the arrival of Material You

the google assistant dresses up android 12 with the arrival.jpg
the google assistant dresses up android 12 with the arrival.jpg

We are still in the fifth beta of Android 12 and waiting for the Google team to decide to press the button that releases the final version for everyone, but the company’s app ecosystem continues its adaptation process. The next to do so, following the design that is already beginning to expand, it will be your assistant, the Google assistant or Google Assistant.

The changes are already glimpsed in version of the Google app for Android, and although they have not been reflected in any phone in circulation, from XDA they have investigated and activated this code to see how it will work shortly, since everything seems fully implemented. The improvement consists of the adaptation of Assistant to the dynamic design of Material You which lands alongside Android 12.

Assistant dresses up as Material You

As we say, the following graphic refresh of the Google assistant is already perceived in its internal code, specifically in that of the version Activating it, something they have done from the XDA Developers team, you can see what the new appearance of the assistant is with the arrival of Material You that will govern the design of Android 12 in those devices that do not cover it excessively with its proprietary layers.

The wizard pop-up window that appears when we invoke it changes color to one of the lightest tones that we have in our theme, which we must not forget is created from our desktop background. In XDA Developers they have created a background with well differentiated colors to observe where each color is captured when composing the new assistant.

google assistant

The text that makes up Assistant also opts for one of these colors when overlaying its own background, and everything adapts to the system’s dark mode whenever necessary. We can see that the new design of Assistant It is similar to what we have already seen in other apps of the company, updated in recent weeks, so the system will have a fairly homogeneous design whenever we move between Google apps and the operating system interface.

Other elements of the wizard are adapted to the new design, such as the buttons that now change their appearance and they go from being completely rounded to rectangles with curved corners. All this is what should come to Assistant shortly, we will see if before the final release of Android 12 or after. Google will decide.

Via | XDA Developers