The fastest way to go to Android Auto settings: from Google Play

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an easy way to go to Android Auto settings. Or maybe there is, but we were looking in the wrong place.

It turns out that the easiest way to open Android Auto settings is not by diving into Android settings or creating a shortcut with special apps, but it was all this time on Google Playa search away.

A look at…


Hey Google Play, take me to settings

Android Auto is an app like any other, but if you go to its properties in Settings > Applicationsyou will see that cannot be opened as such, unless you have an old mobile. The only thing you can do is launch one of their activities with apps like Activity Launcher or Nova Launcher.

Officially, Google wants you to access the Android Auto settings from a remote place in the Android settings, because your location may vary from mobile to mobile. Good luck trying to remember where it is by heart, as it will be different on mobiles with different layers and versions of Android. Your best asset is to use the settings finder.

However, there a much more reliable way to access Android Auto settings and it was right under our noses all this time: on Google Play. In addition, it is a mode that is very easy to remember.


The next time you want to activate Android Auto developer mode or any other related setting, go to Google Play and search for Android Auto. You will be shown above a special section called Do you want to configure Android Auto? Yes I want.

with pressing Go to Android Auto settings you’ll jump into the Android Auto app and its settings, having saved you the frustrating walk through Android settings and no need to use any special apps.