The driving mode of the Google Assistant launches a shortcut: so you can add its icon to your home screen

the driving mode of the google assistant launches a shortcut.jpg
the driving mode of the google assistant launches a shortcut.jpg

Last summer the new driving mode of the Google Assistant began to reach users to take over for the mobile version of Android Auto, and in all this time Google has been improving the way to launch this new driving mode.

In the latest update comes a more comfortable way to start driving mode from the starting screen of our device, which allows us to open it manually without depending on the car’s Bluetooth connection.

Direct access to the Google Assistant driving mode

Since last October, we can configure the Google Assistant to start driving mode when our mobile is paired with the car’s Bluetooth, but if your car does not have Bluetooth or your mobile is not paired, it was not convenient to open the driving mode. driving manually, since you had to open the application Android Auto and then tap on the option to open the Assistant’s driving mode.

The next time you run into driving mode and press on your app drawer you will see the suggestion of your new direct access. Clicking on “Add driving mode to start” allows us add your shortcut to the home screen. So next time opening the driving mode will be so easy and fast that opening any application.

Direct Access Driving Mode Assistant

With this novelty, the Google Assistant would offer three ways to launch the driving mode, at least in theory, since at the moment in Spanish the command “Hey Google, let’s drive” that we see on the support page does not work yet in Spanish . Therefore, if you have the mobile phone configured in Spanish, you can only start driving mode with the car’s Bluetooth or with its direct access on the home screen from the Assistant itself.

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