The ‘driving mode’ of the Google Assistant has a new home screen: this is its interface without starting navigation

the driving mode of the google assistant has a new.jpg
the driving mode of the google assistant has a new.jpg

Since this summer, the Google Assistant has been gradually activating the driving mode, its new experience optimized for using the mobile in the car and which is the successor to the mobile version of Android Auto.

Until now, the Assistant’s driving mode was only accessible when we started a route with Google Maps navigation, but in the latest version of the Google application now the navigation mode can also be started without any destination, directly from the Wizard, showing a new home screen.

This is the home screen of driving mode

As of today Google has started to activate the new driving mode home screen, which will be shown when we start the driving mode from the Google Assistant itself without going through Google Maps.

By saying in English “Hey Google, start driving mode” or other variations such as “Let’s drive”, the Google Assistant launches the new Google Assistant home screen in its driving mode, with a interface adapted to be used in a safer and more comfortable way in the car, as long as we are not circulating.

Driving Mode

In this new interface we see in the upper part a cover image with a false map in the background with the Assistant’s logo on the left side and with the icon “I’m not driving” to exit this mode and return to the home screen of our mobile.

In this home screen, the driving mode will show us a search bar to select a destination, recommendations with music and podcasts, and shortcuts for on

The Google Assistant driving mode will recommend us which destinations to go to based on our travel and search history, showing shortcuts to start navigation to a destination.

Driving Mode

At the bottom of the new home screen we see the same action bar that we see in the Google Maps navigation. In the lower left part, access to voice search and in the right part access to the application drawer to use the applications compatible with driving mode.

This mode in addition to being activated by voice or through Google Maps navigation also can be activated automatically When the Google Assistant detects that we are in a car or the mobile phone connects the vehicle’s Bluetooth.

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