The definitive guide to configure Gmail notifications on mobile so you don’t miss any important mail

the definitive guide to configure gmail notifications on mobile so.jpg
the definitive guide to configure gmail notifications on mobile so.jpg

There are many email applications on Android, although the star is still Gmail as it is the one that comes pre-installed on the vast majority of mobiles. Gmail is not a perfect email application, far from it, and proof of this is that it can be Kind of hard to get the hang of Gmail notifications.

Many things can go wrong with Gmail notifications: Too many notifications or that the correct ones do not arrive and you miss important emails. We will tell you about all the settings you can make in Gmail to control your notifications and leave them exactly how you want them: no more, no less.

What button do you want on the notification?

Before going into details about which emails you want to receive as notifications and which ones you don’t, let’s see something simpler: the action you want to appear in the notification. When Android notifies you that a new message has arrived in Gmail, two buttons are included below the notification: file Y answer.

The reply button is fixed, but the Archive button can be changed by the delete button. Archived messages are saved forever (even if they’re not in your inbox), while deleted messages go to the trash and are deleted forever after 30 days.


If you are more into deleting than archiving you can change the button by going into Gmail settings > General adjustments and tapping on Mail notification default action. You will then be able to choose between Archive or Delete.

A different configuration for each account


Notification configuration is done by email accounts in Gmail. In a global way you can deactivate them completely, as in any other app

For the following configurations you must take into account that Gmail has a different notification settings for each email account that you have configured in the application. So if you have multiple Gmail accounts on mobile, you’ll need to edit their settings separately to make sure none bother you with notifications (or from all emails, if that was your intention).

Globally you can turn off gmail notifications completely, just like any other app, from the app info window > Notifications. To set up Gmail notifications accurately, you’ll need to go to Gmail settings and tap on your email address.

Know only the important emails


One of the simplest ways to set up notifications for new Gmail messages is to distinguish between notifications for all mail or only those that are marked as important (those with high priority).

You’ll find this setting in Gmail settings > your email account > Email notifications. There are three options to choose from: All, High Priority Only, or None. If you check “High priority only” and you receive a high priority message, you’ll be notified even though you’ve set that Gmail label to notify you.

Have Gmail notify you of all emails


If what you want is to receive a notification of each and every email that reaches you in Gmail, then you must go to another section. Open Gmail settings, tap on your email account and go to Inbox Notifications.

You should then check the box Notify all messages, which will cause a notification to arrive every time a new email arrives to your received messages. Keep in mind, though, that this setting applies to messages that end up in your inbox, so it won’t apply if you have rules so that certain messages don’t go through it.

Notifications only from some labels

The biggest work when setting up Gmail notifications goes through configure notifications for certain labels. If you hardly use labels and everything goes to the folder of Received, then this section will not be very relevant to you. Otherwise, it will be the most important.

To have Gmail notify you of emails from a certain label, Must be synced on mobile, otherwise Gmail on Android ignores it. So if you go into Gmail settings > your email and tap on Manage tagswhen you touch one of the labels you will not be able to configure its notifications unless it is synchronized.


check the box Tag notifications so that Gmail notifies you when you receive a new email in this label. If you want to be notified of absolutely all emails that reach this label, then also check Notify all messages. Remember that this may not be necessary if the rule that sends mail to this label keeps the mail in the inbox.

mute notifications


When you mute Gmail notifications, they don’t sound and are displayed more discreetly

Gmail gives you several general options to configure notifications, but to make more specific adjustments you will have to go to the mobile options. A very simple adjustment to make is to make a long touch and switch to silent mode.

This will deprioritize new mail notifications, which won’t bother you with sounds or vibrations and will be displayed below in the notification panel. This can be useful if you get a lot of emails and you don’t want them constantly distracting you every time you open your mobile notifications.

Vibration, sound, show on screen


To further customize Gmail notifications, you must make a long touch on a notification that reaches you and press the gear icon. Then enter the category of Mail and you can adjust exactly how the notifications are.

The options that will appear will change depending on the version of Android and the layer of your mobile, but you can choose with total security the notification sound and if you want it to vibrate. Other options you may find here are whether you want the notification to be displayed overlay on the screen at the top and whether you want it to keep coming when Do Not Disturb is on.

The chat also sends notifications


If you use Integrated Chat in Gmail, you’ll be interested to know that it also sends you notifications when a new message arrives, unless you tell it otherwise. If you want you can completely disable chat notifications from Gmail settings > your email account > chat notifications.

If what you need is just a moment without chat, then the option is slightly different. In the same section, tap on Postpone Chat notifications and you can choose to silence them for a period that goes from 30 minutes to 8 hours.