The days of WhatsApp’s camera tab are numbered: it will give way to communities

the days of whatsapps camera tab are numbered it will.jpg
the days of whatsapps camera tab are numbered it will.jpg

For many years now, WhatsApp for Android has four tabs on its interface: camera, chats, states and calls. The first one, the one with the camera, is the smallest and apparently it won’t be with us much longer. WhatsApp communities will take its place.

As revealed by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp communities are going to have a privileged place in your application, becoming the first tab of the app on Android. This is consistent with the WhatsApp for iOS leaks, where the communities tab is all over the center.

Bye bye camera icon

The WhatsApp camera tab has been with us for many years, although it is in a way misunderstood. Everything that is done with this tab can be done in other more intuitive ways. Personally, I don’t recall ever using it on purpose.

The tab shows the WhatsApp camera feature, so you can take a photo and then share it in a status or to one of your contacts. You can create a status with a photo in the same way from the Status tab, and you can also in


Instead, the place of honor as the first WhatsApp tab will go to the communities, that new WhatsApp function that has been in development for a few months now and that is emerging as the place to gather groups with something in common. We still did not know where WhatsApp was going to integrate its communities and it seems that we finally have the answer: where the WhatsApp camera was before.

WhatsApp has big plans for their communities, just as at some point he had them for his camera, when he even created his own widget to open it. We will see if the WhatsApp communities earn this privileged place in the application when we can test them. And, judging by the amount of news about it that we learned, it should not be long.

Via | WaBetaInfo