The danger of sharing your ID when making purchases or reservations: so you can edit it with your mobile to avoid scams

the danger of sharing your id when making purchases or.jpg
the danger of sharing your id when making purchases or.jpg

The national identity document or DNI is an element as personal as it is coveted by those who seek to scam us. No public administration is going to ask us for a copy of that document to identify us, but it is relatively common that From the mobile we can carry out almost any task, even the procedures with the administration. Tools such as Cl @ ve or Cl @ ve PIN greatly facilitate authentication (normally), but we cannot always use them to guarantee everything from contracting services to purchases. Asking for a digitized copy of the DNI is a relatively common practiceHence, it may not surprise us according to what situations. This is the reason why many take advantage of it.

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Wallapop requires you to send a copy of the ID so that you can sell products: due to the European directive against money laundering, the platform that offers payment services to Wallapop needs all sellers to identify themselves so that they can carry out transactions through of the famous mobile app. This identification through personal data and a photo of the DNI, which can in

Although Wallapop itself requires the sending of the DNI as proof of identity, there is no that in

Contract signature

Our main recommendation is clear: when someone asks you to send them a copy of your ID always distrust. If you are in the process of hiring a service with a company, surely you should in

Monetary transactions, signing contracts from the mobile or booking a hotel may require a photo of the DNI; a Wallapop vendor doesn’t need it: extreme precautions

Although the request for the DNI is logical on certain occasions, that does not mean you should in

Delete data from the photo of the DNI and add watermark

Editing the DNI through Google Photos
Editing the DNI through Google Photos


That a company asks you for a photo of your ID can be legal, we have already seen it. However, that does not imply that you should

With your Android mobile you can take a photo of your ID, you can also edit it. There are many apps that allow you to make modifications, but surely you already have one installed that will serve you for the task. We will use Google Photos.

  • Take a photo of the DNI from the front and another from the back. Make sure there is light so that all the data can be seen and that the mobile camera is as perpendicular as possible with the document.
  • Open Google Photos and edit each of the faces of the DNI so that only the document can be seen in the image. To do this, use the editor and the tools within the “Trim” tab. You can correct the perspective with the icon on the right, the one with the slanted square.
  • Once cropped, move to the “Annotation” tab, within the Google Photos editor.
  • Use the black pen to write over the signature, so no one can copy it. It is also a good idea to draw lines above the ID photo: this way you reduce the chances that anyone will use the image for other uses apart from the authorized one.
  • Finally, click on the “Text” tool (within “Annotation”) and write on the ID the reason for which you are sending the photo copy. For example, “Make a reservation at the Bates Motel.”
  • Save photos as a copy: this way you will have the option to continue editing the originals in case you have to