The cross between the Pokémon and the Tamagotchi already has a name: Peridot, the new Niantic game

the cross between the pokemon and the tamagotchi already has.jpg
the cross between the pokemon and the tamagotchi already has.jpg

Niantic continues to exploit the mechanics of augmented reality and exploration in the real world, the company has introduced a new game that will be available soon: Peridot. This degree will combine what you have learned with Income Y Pokémon GO; while Niantic adds creature care componentsa style quite similar to the classic tamagotchi.

Few mobile games, if any, have had the explosion of users, reviews and media attention of Pokémon GO, a title that started in the summer of 2016 as a real capture experience and that ended up sweeping mobile stores in downloads. With this success, there have been many games that came later maintaining the same mechanics, some from Niantic itself. She already has the next one ready.

Peridot: Lovable Creatures That Don’t Belong In A Franchise


Niantic made its debut in real-world exploration gaming with Ingress, an epic battle between two sides for world conquest. All this experience, apart from the data obtained, earned the company to create the already mythical pokemon go, a game that is still a success today. After him, Niantic developed two more franchises: Harry Potter’s (already cancelled) and that of the Pikmin (still in use). With Peridot the company turns away from franchise support to create his universe from scratch.

According to as shown by Nianticstill too short to get an extensive idea of ​​what the game will be like, in Peridot you will have to locate the magical creatures Peridots, a kind of “cuddly” looking animals that will appear on the map. Once added to the inventory, the game delves more into pet care than pure collecting. In theory.

In Peridot you will have to locate creatures and collect them, yes, but everything indicates that its main task will be make said creatures content and happy. You will have to feed them, give them caresses and play with them, among other actions. All without neglecting the multiplayer aspect.

Niantic ensures that Peridot will allow you to collaborate with other players in search of what it calls “Peridot archetypes”. For what was stated at launch, the creatures will maintain certain similarities with real animals; such as rabbit, unicorn, cheetah archetypes… Thanks to the collaboration between the different users, they will be able to expand the species of Peridots based on combining the creatures according to their archetypes.


We do not know Peridot’s release date, it will surely reach Android and iPhone throughout 2022. While this is happening, Niantic has opened a registration page so that anyone knows all the details of the game as soon as possible and can access the tests and betas.

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