The cool feature that would keep you paying Telegram Premium (and WhatsApp if it had it)

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I can’t say I hate voice memos as I admit its usefulness when someone wants to say something and doesn’t have time to write it down; what I do not like is receiving one audio after another as a conversation. That constant tapping from note to note that ends up becoming a serial radio soap opera, I can’t handle that. So, when I tried the transcription of the audios, I found that utility the best messaging invention after the poop emoji. The fact that Telegram has it perfectly integrated into its service has made it value the platform even more. With its catches.

I came for the stickers and I stayed for the audio transcription

Telegram Premium Cover

We have had the Telegram subscription available for almost a month, just as long as I have been testing it on all my phones. Telegram is my go-to messaging app, it makes my life a lot easier and doesn’t complicate it thanks to its services they stay active on all my phones, which are a few. And of course, having the Premium in each one is an advantage, much broader than what I anticipated at first.

The messaging platform raised its payment service as an extra feature to the ones it offers as standard. That an app includes a free unlimited cloud storage It implies that, in order to entice your users to pay, you have to enlarge everything that orbits around it in order to convince them to drop their euros. That affects the transfer speed, the size of the files or the expansion of the number of folders. To complete, Telegram disguised its Premium service as exclusive; with cosmetic improvements that only those who pay get.

I neither abuse the size of the files nor do I like to brag (too much) that I have Telegram Premium. I do consider one of the functions that have gone most unnoticed of said Premium essential: the transcription of audios. In a world where conversations become a compilation of podcasts, having the option to read the audio seems like a real revolution to me. Y without leaving Telegram that there were already applications that convert voice notes into text.

Telegram Premium

Reading what an audio says saves a lot of time

Receiving audio for minutes and being able to read what it says just by tapping on the screen is well worth paying for an application. It is true that, even so, I still consider the Telegram subscription very expensive, but it seems to me a minor waste due to the proven usefulness of the tool. It works perfectly in Spanish as long as there is good diction in the audio. and allows me read diagonally to see at a glance whether three minutes of podcasts can be summed up with the thumbs-up emoji.

The right step: paying for a tool that completely changes the experience

Audio Telegram Premium

The “free-to-play” model ended up being imposed on mobile applications and games. And little by little it is evolving to the subscription strategy: most of the platforms are offering added functions in order to monetize their services. I don’t think Telegram covers the huge costs of its servers with Premium subscriptions, but at least it has made an effort to offer value additions to a free service that, despite not technically having the label, was already Premium.

I do not regret paying Telegram. And I would pay for WhatsApp if it offered me built-in tools like audio transcription. I think it’s the right step towards the balance between getting direct return from apps without users feeling obligated to pay for decent service.