The best of the Pixel 6a already in the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: magic eraser with camouflage

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1660128462 1366 2000.webp.webp
the Google Photos app was introducing notable improvements based on the company’s AI. For example, the background blur was extended to almost any photo. And removing unwanted items was the key to a very eye-catching tool: Magic Eraser.

Camouflage any element so that it blends into the background

The Magic Eraser camouflage mode in action

The Magic Eraser detects the different elements of the images to suggest those that can disappear in order to improve the shot. In addition, the user can apply the tool drawing a line around the one you want to remove: Magic Eraser makes it disappear (with more or less luck). With this precedent, the option to “Cloak” is intended to complement elimination without abandoning the use of AI.

The Magic Eraser’s camouflage mode has the same mechanics as the base tool: by drawing an outline around what you want, Google Photos integrates this selection in the background by dint of changing the color, the exposure, the brightness and even the contrast. It’s almost like having the skills of a chameleon at your fingertips.

After appearing exclusively with the Pixel 6a, Google has also brought the camouflage tool to the Magic Eraser of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. For this you have to update the Google Photos application: This update is now available in the Google Play Store.

Camouflage Eraser

Process of camouflaging any element of the image in the background

The Magic Eraser is located in the “Tools” section of the editing settings. To access it, and use the new camouflage mode, just click on the “Edit” icon that appears on any image in Google Photos. Of course, only in the Pixel 6: Google hasn’t brought Magic Eraser to previous Pixesl (and probably won’t in the future).

Via | 9to5Google