The best of the iPhone 14 Pro on your Android: transform the camera hole into a dynamic island

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will end up being copied to the last Android custom layer. And while that time comes, you can enjoy a kind of Dynamic Island thanks to DynamicSpot.

Customize your island with an app that works offline

Dynamic Island Android

Different apps and island sizes

One of the problems that all applications that modify the appearance of the interface share is access to the screen overlay. Because it requires accessibility tools, DynamicSpot poses some privacy risk. Although that, the developer emphasizes: your application does not share any data, since it does not have access to the Internet.

It does not ask for permissions of any kind, it does request access to overlap other applications. And beyond the logical doubts about privacy, DynamicSpot behaves as you would expect in software of this type: it mimics the dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro allowing you to place it on your Android to taste.

One of the drawbacks that we have found is that the application only gets along with the central screen cutouts: If you have a hole camera on the top left you still can’t set the island notification right on that hole. Aside from this development hiccup (DynamicSpot is still in beta), both animations and customization work fine.

Dynamic Island Android

You can choose which applications launch the notification island, you have the possibility to minimally adjust its behavior (the app is free; with advanced paid functions) and has no ads.

As for the Android-style dynamic island experience, your chosen notifications will jump around the area you choose. That notification only offers the icon of the app that sent the notice; with option to expand it if you press a second on the camera (and go to the app with a simple touch on the notification). And here another of the drawbacks that we find comes into play: if you have configured the mobile to display the notification area when you pull the screen down, the DynamicSpot gesture can create a conflict.

Dynamic Island Android

The app has seemed to us to be a good approach to what the original Dynamic Island gives of itself, always bridging the gap. It works very slickly and is quite customizable. Free features are more than enough to enjoy DynamicSpot. And if you need more, you can unlock the full application for 3.99 euros.

dynamicSpot - Multitasking

dynamicSpot – Multitasking

  • Developer: Jawomo
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

Dynamic Island for your Android: this app hides notifications in the hole in your camera

The latest from the iPhone 14 Pro on your Android: turn the hole in your phone into a dynamic island with this app

The best of the iPhone 14 Pro on your Android: transform the camera hole into a dynamic island