The best indie games that you can download on your mobile: Google Play has winners

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High-quality indie games that you can now download to your mobile

Independent developer apps are the most likely to explore new game mechanics, settings, and themes; not in vain big distributors tend to play it safe with games that don’t stray too far from the wild free-to-play that abounds so much at the top of the charts. Google usually highlights indie titles in the games section within Google Play. And it is not the only space that the company reserves for independent titles.

At the beginning of August, Google announced the finalists of the 2022 Indie Games Festival, 20 titles selected for three very specific geographical areas: Europe, South Korea and Japan. And a month later we already have the winners.

Europe’s best indie games

Winners Indie Games Europe

  • Dungeons of Dreadrock. Free.
  • Please touch the artwork. €4.49.
  • Quadline. Free.

Best South Korean Indie Games

Korean Indie Games Winners

  • Dungeon Log: Legendary Adventurer. Not available in Europe.
  • Lost Page – The Beginning of the Bridle. Not available in Europe.
  • The Greater. Not available in Europe.
  • Nyang Tower: Square Logic (user selection). Free.

Best indie games from Japan

Winners Indie Games Japan

  • Catastrophe Restaurant. Free.
  • SOULVARS. €4.59.

Not all of the festival’s winning indie games can be downloaded at the European level (or in other countries): most Koreans are exclusive to that Asian territory. The rest if they are accessible; as much as the language can be a problem, especially with Japanese.

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