The BBVA app wants to win over the elderly: new ‘senior mode’ for customers aged 65 or over

the bbva app wants to win over the elderly new.jpg
the bbva app wants to win over the elderly new.jpg

Like the rest of the banks, BBVA has an application for iOS and Android that allows its customers to operate from their mobile, and even non-customers as well. With this app, rated by Forrester as the best in Europe a few years ago, we can, for example, open an account with a selfie, pay taxes and fees or activate the biometric signature to forget about passwords by SMS.

Now, BBVA wants facilitate the accessibility of your mobile application so that senior customers can consult their bank movements and products, as well as carry out their most usual operations in a simple way. To do this, the bank has adapted the app with a simplified view that is already available for users aged 65 or over.

Basic operations and larger print

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We all agree that bank mobile applications are very useful for a large part of the population that, by operating through them, can save time and travel. But there are a good number of people (especially the older ones) who are not familiar with technology and have difficulty using them. One more example of the well-known digital divide.

The solution that BBVA has come up with is to adapt its mobile application so that senior customers can check their bank information and operate more easily. To do this, it has created a simplified view that users will automatically access. private customers over 69 years that usually do not operate or contract with the mobile. If you prefer the detailed option, you can activate it at any time from the upper side menu of the mobile application.

In addition, as BBVA explains, this ‘simple mode’ It will also be available so that the rest of senior customers -65 years of age or older-, if they so wish, can activate it from the side menu settings. In this way, BBVA offers its older users the possibility of choosing the way to access its app based on their digital skills.

The simple mode facilitates access to common operations such as transfers or Bizum, contact managers or request an appointment at the checkout

Thanks to this new version, older users will be able to check their movements at a glance and will have the option of carrying out regular operations such as transfers or Bizum, contact managers by phone or ask for an appointment at the cash desk to go to the branch. Also, the ‘simple mode’ increase font size by 20% for better readability of the mobile application.