The BBVA app is updated in a big way: you can now check your net worth, debts and more

the bbva app is updated in a big way you.jpeg
the bbva app is updated in a big way you.jpeg

BBVA opened its app to other entities, allowing its clients to operate with accounts of other banks. Another change that comes to the app is that now it is able to show the heritage in real time, a function in which they claim to be the first in Spain.

Thanks to this function, the bank’s clients will be able to know the data on their net worth through the application, which will perform the calculation based on our accounts, investments, homes and debt. Along with this novelty, changes arrive in the section day to day, more information on debt and new widgets for iOS 14, which can now be located on the iPhone desktop.

The changes that come to the BBVA app

Bbva heritage

The first big change to come to the BBVA app is that the app is now capable of estimating net worth. Net worth is, by definition, is the difference between assets and liabilities. In other words, the money that we have left subtracting the debt. In this case, the application is based on the money we have in our accounts, the investment funds we have within BBVA, housing and debt.

The function is complete if we have all our information linked to BBVA: if we have funds in other entities and other assets not registered in the app, we will not be able to count them

The function is complete if we have our entire economic environment linked to BBVA but if, for example, we have investment funds in other entities, cryptocurrencies or other assets, you will not be able to give us information about them. We will be able to access a global view of the heritage from heritage, a new section that will appear in the header of the app.


Along with this function comes news in day to day, the section where expenses and income are displayed. Now they are displayed graphically and grouped by categories, much more visual than in the previous version of the application. In the same way, now the app will inform us about recurring expenses for supplies and subscriptions, so that we can have greater control over our finances.

Another change has to do with the new ‘debt’ section. The app now allows us keep track of our debt, although this option comes mainly to show us personalized BBVA financing options. Here we will be explained what exactly the debt is, the values ​​that it should not exceed and more.


Finally, there is a new widget for iOS 14, which can now be located on the iPhone desktop. All these changes come together with small modifications in the interface.

All these changes are already present in the latest version of the app, so you just have to update it to start enjoying the changes.