The Android Airdrop is updated: that’s how easy it will be to share files with Nearby Share

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. It is present on all mobiles with Android 6.0 or higher as a quick setting, in addition to appearing in the system Share window. It’s pretty easy to use: You choose Nearby Sharing from the sharing menu, wait for the target device to appear in the list, and tap on it. The other person must accept the shipment on their mobile.

The “problem” with Nearby Sharing is that this was true whether you were sharing a photo with your cousin or wanted to send a PDF from your phone to your tablet. Soon this will change so that we will see our own devices separately in the list, so we can send things to ourselves more quickly.

Not only will we be able to locate the rest of the mobiles, tablets and Chrome OS where we use the same Google account quickly, but the process itself is also simplified, as it is not necessary to accept the transfer: is accepted alone. After all, you yourself chose

With this change, Google seeks to standardize Share with Nearby for all kinds of uses, even for one as basic as sending us things from one device to another. It is necessary to remember that this system does not use a specific technology, but the one that it considers best at that moment: Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, UWB and WebRTC, and it can make transfers even without internet connection.

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