The Amazon cloud closes: if you have files in Amazon Drive, consider alternatives

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. Of course, this does not affect Amazon Photos: creating backup copies of the gallery will continue to be possible (and the unlimited upload of images within Amazon Prime will be maintained).Cloud storage is not just about supplementing local space, it’s also about safeguarding important data. And, thanks to its multi-device capability, they are great for exchanging documents, programs and other files between the computer and the mobile (and vice versa). Google Drive is one of the best known clouds, also Dropbox or One Drive. And, despite not being as widely used in Spain, Amazon Drive also remains a serious alternative. At least until now.

Amazon Drive closes in 2023


Amazon Drive on iPhone

Amazon Drive is Amazon’s generic cloud, the one that allows save any type of file by sorting the space with folders, just like on any computer (or phone storage). Amazon does not mention Drive in the Prime of Spain, but it does work: just access this link with your Amazon account to manage your personal Drive. Amazon Drive also has mobile apps: for Android and for iPhone or iPad.

The end for the Amazon cloud is already marked: according to the company itself, as of December 31, 2023 the files will no longer be accessible. Therefore, everyone who uses Amazon Drive should find an alternative before that date in order to safeguard everything that is not photos and videos. This media content is safe: Amazon Photos will still exist.

The definitive closure of Amazon Drive carries the following deadlines:

  • October 31, 2022. Amazon will remove Drive apps from app stores (Android and iOS).
  • January 31, 2023. You will no longer be able to upload files to the Amazon cloud. Photos and videos will not have this restriction (always within the limits of use that Amazon offers in the accounts). Files already uploaded will still be accessible.
  • December 31, 2023. All files uploaded to Amazon Drive other than photos and videos will be deleted forever.

We must emphasize that the end of Amazon Drive does not affect Amazon Photos: The upload of images and videos will not be altered, only the rest of the files synchronized with the Amazon cloud. It is convenient to look for alternatives now: as of January 31, Amazon will no longer allow uploading anything to Drive.