The Amazon Appstore will also support App Bundles, although they will be optional

the amazon appstore will also support app bundles although they.jpg
the amazon appstore will also support app bundles although they.jpg

Android App Bundles continue to make headlines after they would replace APKs as the standard format for publishing apps on Google Play. Now the Amazon App Store takes a similar but less restrictive path: developers will be able to publish their applications both in APK format and with its App Bundle.

Amazon has announced to be actively working to support the App Bundle format in your Amazon App Store. This veteran store has been frequently revitalized after it was chosen for the integration of Android in Windows 11.

The Amazon store also supports App Bundle


An App Bundle has everything you need to create the APK of an application with just what is necessary for each device

The Android App Bundle is not a new invention, but arrived in 2018 as an alternative to the APK in terms of distribution of applications to Google Play. In the past Google has highlighted up to 16 advantages of using App Bundle instead of APK, such as a reducing the size of the download that reaches users or the advantages in creating modular applications.

Since then, developers who publish their applications on Google Play have been able to choose between continuing to use the usual APKs or uploading their applications as an App Bundle, but that will change from August: when they will only have the option to upload your apps as App Bundle.

This will force developers to adopt this format if they want to be on Google Play, and they will be able to use the same App Bundle to upload it to Amazon, since this secondary application store is also working on incorporating support for this format.

The main difference is that support in the Amazon Appstore will be optional, so that developers who want to can continue to use the APK format. Another difference is that Amazon will not sign the App Bundles, as Google does when publishing them on Google Play.

This App Bundle support will simplify processes for developers, but will be invisible to users, to whose devices the file will be downloaded with what is just and necessary for this application to work on your mobile: one of the main advantages of the App Bundles.

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