Ten things that only WhatsApp Plus had and that are now on WhatsApp

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with it the messaging options are expanded. But does it really add many more advantages to the original WhatsApp? We count all those that are already in the application or will arrive very soon.WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp and the like make up the range of unofficial alternatives to the original application. They are well known, also widely used, although they entail a certain risk: WhatsApp can block the account of those who use unauthorized modifications. Its advantages have always been so attractive that the WhatsApp developers themselves have been incorporating many of them into their creation. More than they seem, it is enough to contrast all the options.

WhatsApp evolved to almost reach its modifications

WhatsApp Plus

Total Virus Scan for the latest version of WhatsApp Plus

There is a good number of WhatsApp mods, most based on Fouad WhatsApp or FMWhatsApp, the mod created by Fouad Makand. Broadly speaking, the aspirations shared by all these applications are to improve what WhatsApp comes standard with; breaking the chains in certain aspects of security and privacy.

After years of playing cat and mouse with parallel and unauthorized applications, WhatsApp was thinking about reducing the limitations that make the jump to modifications more attractive. WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp and the like continue to offer more advantages, but they have also been incorporating a highly inadvisable addition: ads inserted in conversations (and Trojans). In addition, its use constitutes a risk of blocking, that WhatsApp can delete an account if it detects that it uses unauthorized applications.

All current WhatsApp modifications include Trojans and adware in the code. You must take the risks before installing them

What functions has WhatsApp been incorporating that were only in its mods at first? Let’s see a list of the most striking.

Interface customization

WhatsApp mods even allow you to apply themes, a drastic (and often grotesque) way of altering the appearance of the application. The official does not go that far, but it has taken steps in the direction: it allows you to modify the background by chat, apply light or dark theme and, with the arrival of Android 12, it begins to adapt to the dynamic background colors of Material You.

Large attachment size

WhatsApp recently extended the maximum size of attachments for Photos and videos without compression


One of the advantages in the attachments was that the mods allowed in

Configure who can see us online

The official WhatsApp app is currently testing this feature and it will be coming to users shortly. With it we will be able to choose who sees us online and to which contacts said information is blocked.

WhatsApp app lock


The mods allow the blocking of the messaging application, a function that also came to the official app. Blocking with fingerprint and password, this makes the theft of the account more complicated.

automatic responses

WhatsApp has automatic replies to messages enabled, but not in the app for individuals: WhatsApp Business is required for this. It is free as well, it can be used with the same account as always (in the contact information it will appear that the number is from a company) and is much more powerful than the “normal” WhatsApp. It allows to respond automatically by contacts and by hours, also so that they are sent in the first conversation.

whatsapp business

whatsapp business

  • Developer: WhatsApp LLC
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

See statuses without them knowing

Not that it is the most useful feature of WhatsApp. But, since many contacts post interesting updates through their statuses, sometimes you want to see them without leaving the notice that we have seen them. WhatsApp Plus and the like allow you to hide the seenbut it is also possible to reproduce WhatsApp statuses in ninja mode from the official application.

Read messages without the double blue tick


It is one of the biggest attractions of WhatsApp Plus and the like, but it can also be done with the official application: you just have to follow a series of steps; which are somewhat more cumbersome than directly opening the mod, things as they are.

Read messages from notifications or create a widget on the desktop, with these two options it is possible to use WhatsApp in “ninja mode”.

Make messages disappear

Whatsapp Temporary Messages

The mods allow in

Two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

Many used WhatsApp Plus as a way to have a second application on the phone and with a parallel phone number. But with WhatsApp Business there is no need to install a modified application (mobile phones that clone apps also modify them): you can have your main account with the “regular” WhatsApp application and use the secondary number with WhatsApp Business.

Other functions of WhatsApp mods that can be done with more secure applications

  • Recover deleted messages.
  • Translate WhatsApp messages.

The huge risk of using WhatsApp mods

Whatsapp Security Notice

Security notices of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus

Our recommendation is that you avoid installing any type of WhatsApp mod, be it WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp or similar: pose a high risk to your user account. Also, all these alternative applications include adware and trojans in the code. With an aggravating circumstance: they are infected with advertising. It is not worth using a modified application when the advantages it offers are less than the disadvantages.