Telegram Updates on iOS and Android with 30-Person Group Video Calls, Screen Sharing, Dynamic Backgrounds, and More

telegram updates on ios and android with 30 person group video.jpeg
telegram updates on ios and android with 30 person group video.jpeg

It was in April when the news that referred to the arrival of group video calls to Telegram emerged and it is now, almost two months later, when the platform has announced that it will be possible to jump from a voice chat in any to group video calls .

A long-awaited feature that also does not come alone. As usual, with each update come other improvements that in this case include the ability to share screen during a group video call and improvements in the support to use the app on tablets and computers or a now optimized noise suppression.

Video calls with up to 30 people

But starting with the most important, Telegram now allows group video calls and group voice chats now take a new leap. The difference between both functions is that while there is no limit of participants in the case of audio chats, if video calls are used It can only be used by the first 30 people who join. However, they ensure that this limit will increase as voice chats broadcast video games, live events and support more features.

In addition, Telegram now becomes a more powerful ally in professional environments, since allows screen sharing in video calls and on all devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. A function that allows simultaneous use with the camera.

To share the screen, just click on the three-point menu in any application and select the option “Share screen” on the menu.

Improvements in audio and for use on computers

Noise suppression

These are the two most important improvements, but not the only ones. Similarly, with the latest update audio quality in voice chats has been improved by optimizing noise suppression. In addition, a switch to deactivate noise suppression has been added in the settings, for those occasions when it is necessary to have ambient sound.

It has also been optimized the use of Telegram when we use the application on tablets and computers. On the one hand, voice chats open in a separate window, so that you can write and speak without having to minimize the window. In addition, there is now access to a grid-shaped split screen and the list to see the participants, a screen that is also optimized for both portrait and landscape orientation.

Dynamic backgrounds and new animations


But the news does not end here, because now we have animated backgrounds in the chats. These come to have a multicolored gradient that changes based on a series of algorithms and moves every time you send a message.

To activate these funds you must go to the route “Chats” Y “Change chat background” on Android or on iOS at “Appearance” Y “Chat background”.

These animations can also be customized. We can create our own animated backgrounds just pick three or four colors to unlock animation and then add an additional pattern for extra flair.

Stickers and emojis have new animations when we add them to a chat and in the case of iOS this also applies to the multimedia that we attach as well as to the text messages that have smoother animations when moving to the chat screen.


In the case of iOS, new app icons with gradient are available, which are available is “Settings” and “Appearance” and next to this addition is now added the “Learn about Telegram” button, already available in Android, which in iOS is at the end of the settings menu, where the Tips channel opens from Telegram.


A login information reminder with the aim of always having the phone number updated to be able to log into the account at any time. This improvement comes to Telegram for iOS and later to Telegram for Android.

What’s more communication with bots has been facilitated, adding a special menu button that makes it easier to explore and send commands. Bot developers can now create commands that change based on user interface language and chat type, as well as special commands in specific chats or for administrators.

Last but not least, new animated emojis arrive that charge new gestures when we add them to a chat.

The update should arrive in the next few hours to your phone and it has a weight of about 55 megabytes in the case of Android.



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