Telegram Premium is official: the subscription that will allow you advantages will be presented this month

telegram premium is official the subscription that will allow you.jpg
telegram premium is official the subscription that will allow you.jpg

The subscription of Telegram it’s official. After more than a year of rumors and after leaking the price and advantages of Telegram Premium, Pavel Durovowner of Telegram, has confirmed that this month the Telegram subscription will be officially presented.

In the announcement of Telegram PremiumPavel Durov explains the reasons for the new subscription, also reporting what will change and what will not change when, but without going into much detail, since in a few days they will present the new subscription in style.

Telegram Premium arrives this month

Through his Telegram channel, Durov reports that although the limits on chats, multimedia content and file uploads are unrivaled, many users are asking for these limits to be increased, and removing all limits for all users would not be feasible by traffic costs, so the solution is to launch Telegram Premium.

With Telegram Premium they will be able to keep their current free functions while people who pay for their subscription will acquire additional features, speed and resourcesin addition to being the first users to receive news.

Telegram Premium

Therefore, the free version of Telegram remains with the same features and limits, so the arrival of Telegram Premium will not harm current users. Of course, to know all the advantages of Telegram Premium, we will have to wait for its official announcement that will take place during the month of June.

This week’s leak saw how many of app limits are doubled in the paid versionwhich will allow us to be in twice as many groups, send files up to 4 GB in size, save twice as many GIFs, in addition to remove ads from app.

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