Telegram Premium is already a reality: we review its price and all the news it includes

telegram premium is already a reality we review its price.jpg
telegram premium is already a reality we review its price.jpg

In the same way that Twitter Blue arrived a few months ago as an improved version of the classic Twitter and under subscription, another well-known free app like Telegram does the same with the official arrival of Telegram Premium. This is one significantly improved version the functions that the messaging app has, adding many others hitherto unpublished.

And although some of its advantages had already been leaked, it is now that the update that includes all the details is starting to arrive. Details which obviously include the possibility to subscribe right now. Here we tell you how to subscribe, at what price and everything you will get in return.

Already on iOS and soon on Google Play for Android

Telegram 700 Million Users

Telegram Premium is not a new application, but rather It is included within the usual app. This function will appear on Android in the settings section of the same, through a link that will allow access to a subscription of 5.49 euros per month. Now, we talk about the future because at the moment the update has only appeared in the iPhone App Store.

As is logical, since it is a universal app, it will also arrive on Android. However, it seems that the developers have chosen to launch it first on Apple phones. Therefore, we will have to wait a few hours (or a few days) for the Premium version to appear available on Android, for which You will have to update it from Google Play.

All the advantages that Telegram Premium brings

Although it is not on Android yet, we do know that will share news with the iOS version. For this reason, we believe it is interesting to review all the functions that this version improves and other new features that have not been published until now.

  • twice the limits at all levels. With Telegram Premium you can in

    Telegram Premium

    free telegram

    Maximum groups you can join



    pinned chats



    public links



    Saved GIFs



    favorite stickers



    characters in bio



    Maximum length in photo descriptions






    Max chats in each folder



    Maximum accounts in the app



    maximum file size



  • Faster file downloadalthough Telegram does not indicate how much the speed has increased, just as it does not indicate how much the files are downloaded in the standard version of the application.

  • Convert audio to text, avoiding that typical laziness that sometimes gives us listening to a long voice message. It will also be useful for those times when, even if you want to, you don’t have time to listen to these messages.
  • A badge next to the name in the form of a star it will appear in those users who are subscribed to this Telegram Premium.
  • Verification in chats that they have with entities that have been validated, generally companies, although it is not ruled out either for individuals who use the application for the purpose of providing a service to other users.
  • Exclusive stickers and reactions to which only those who have gone through the box to subscribe to this Telegram Premium will have access.
  • Chat organization improves being able to change the default chat folder when opening the application.
  • Telegram Premium Request Group

    New request to join a group (bottom)

    • Request to join a groupwithout suddenly finding yourself in a group that you don’t want to be in or that you directly don’t even know what it’s about.
    • Animated profile photos that can be shown as such in the application as a loop, without the need to enter the profile photo of each one to see this animation.
    • new icons for the application that are added to the existing ones.
    • goodbye to ads on those channels where advertising can now appear.
    Telegram Premium Improve Bots

    Added images and videos in the information section of the bots.

    • Improved bots, developers can add a photo or video in the “What can this bot do?” so that the user can better understand its operation.
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