Telegram is updated in a big way with Premium version, join request for groups, better bots and many more improvements

telegram is updated in a big way with premium version.jpg
telegram is updated in a big way with premium version.jpg

Telegram Premium has not been much expected. First its advantages were leaked, then Pavel Durov confirmed its imminent arrival and now the subscription is official as a new version of the application arrives with news also for free users.

Telegram is in luck. The messaging application boasts of having reached the 700 million active users per month while announcing the official launch of the new paid subscription with additional benefits and other news, which arrive regardless of whether you pay for the subscription or not.

Telegram Premium arrives

Telegram Premium is already a reality, being the second front to monetize the application after ads were included in some places and on some channels. Telegram Premium is a monthly subscription with which you gain additional benefits ranging from having higher limits on just about everything to the odd exclusive feature. Its final price in Spain is 5.49 euros. These are the advantages of Telegram Premium today:

  • More of almost everything. Pretty much all the limits that the app has are increased by paying for the premium subscription. For example, you can upload 4 GB files instead of 2 GB, join 1,000 groups instead of 500, pin 10 chats instead of 5, or save 400 animated GIFs instead of 200. The full list of limits for each of the Telegram versions can be found summarized in the following table.

Telegram Premium

free telegram

Maximum groups you can join



pinned chats



public links



Saved GIFs



favorite stickers



characters in bio



Maximum length in photo descriptions






Max chats in each folder



Maximum accounts in the app



maximum file size



  • faster downloads. Premium subscribers can download files from the app’s cloud at the fastest possible speed. On this occasion Telegram does not indicate what is the maximum speed that applies to free users.

  • Speech to text conversion. An interesting function of Telegram Premium allows us to convert voice notes to text, to be able to know what they are talking about without having to listen to them.

  • Exclusive stickers and reactions. Telegram Premium subscribers will have exclusive sticker packs and reactions at their disposal. Free users will be able to view them, but not use them.

  • chat management. New tools arrive to organize your chats, such as the possibility of changing your default chat folder when opening the app.

  • Animated profile photos. Premium users can have a profile picture that is animated throughout the app in loop mode.

  • premium badge. Whoever goes through the checkout will have a badge – a little star – next to their name.

  • new icons. The Premium version of Telegram allows you to customize the application with new icons that are not available to free users.

  • no ads. With Telegram Premium you will not see any ads on channels.

Join request for groups


There are also news for users who want to continue using Telegram without paying anything. The first one allows the administrators of a group activate join requests. With them, administrators can review join requests to approve or deny them.

When a group has join requests enabled, when you try to join you will see the button Request to join the group. By doing so, you will become part of the list of users requesting to join and administrators will be able to open a private chat with that person.

verified chats


A small change in the verification of accounts of public figures and organizations. In addition to being displayed on profiles, search results and chat lists, now will also be displayed in the chat header (in the top bar, during a conversation).

Bot improvements


Another small novelty will come to the Telegram bot platform. Now bot developers can include a photo or video in the section What can this bot do?to inform users of the functions of said bot in a clearer and more visual way.

Android chat preview improvements


For some time now it has been possible to preview a Telegram chat by long-touching on its profile picture, in the list of chats. Now the preview of chats in Telegram for Android improves adopting some of the news that were already in Telegram for iOS.

In this new preview it is possible scroll through the conversation to see the full chat no need to mark it as read. New buttons are also included to mark the chat as read, silence it, pin it or delete it.

Saved in the gallery


New option in Telegram for Android. In section Data and storage of the settings is now the section save to gallerywith which you can check which elements you want to be automatically included in the mobile gallery.

At first you can choose separately if you want the multimedia files that come to you by private chats, groups and channelswhether they are displayed in the mobile gallery or not.

Improvements when sharing on iOS


Telegram now allows sending files up to 4 GB in size, which requires some preparation and can take some time. When sharing files to Telegram from another application, it shows a window reporting the progress so you can get an idea of ​​how long it will take.

other changes

Beyond the mobile applications, the version of Telegram for macOS It improves by allowing you to create a personalized profile picture using stickers, animated emojis and a gradient background color. In addition, they include over 100 various fixes and optimizations including smoother animations on iPhone and iPad, audio quality improvements on Android, alternate app icons, and more.

The new version of Telegram should arrive as update via Google Play and the App Store in the next few hours or days. At the moment, the APK version of the Telegram website has not yet been updated either.

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