Telegram is updated by elevating Emojis to the category of art and improves the Premium service

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Emojis, emojis everywhere

Telegram Animated Emojis 2

Telegram Animated Emoji Packs

A few weeks ago we were able to test a key feature of the 8.9 update, the Emoji packs. Just like with the stickers, Telegram now allows you to collect animated emoticons. Organized by themes, with dozens of variations within the same package and with the friendliness and grace that only Telegram knows how to impart to the multimedia elements of conversation.

The Emojis packs are the most striking novelty and, at the moment, exclusive to Premium users. Precisely, with version 8.9 Telegram gives a boost to users who differ from the majority thanks to paying their monthly subscription. It is even possible to give this subscription to another person, it is another novelty.

Apart from the two changes mentioned, Telegram Premium 8.9 includes the following new features:

  • emoji platform. Telegram wants anyone to be able to create their emoticons. And for this it has created a cloud where creators can upload their content.
  • Interactive custom emojis. Telegram adds more interaction to the Emojis that become large and animated when attached to a chat. It is suitable for all users. And it has incorporated more of those Emojis into the app.
  • Panel of Stickers, Emojis and Gifs in iOS. iPhone and iPad users will see a redesigned panel from which to attach emoticons, Gifs, and stickers.
  • More privacy in voice messages. Premium users can choose who is able to send them voice notes.

These new features are now available in the latest version of the app, 8.9. It can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play and from the Telegram page as an apk (only for Android).

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